Lesson Learned in 2011

In just a few hours, we will say goodbye to 2011 and hello 2012!! Yup, just a few hours time.. time really flies now days, right?? 2011 is a big year for me, many things have happened and I have learned a few things about myself, life and people around me..

Lesson #1 : Now I do understand the meaning of unconditional love.. and that is a mother’s love to her child. I’m not really sure about father though.. hahahha.. but I guess it is almost the same (yup, almost but NOT same!!) *wink* I, myself amazed how much I could love her!! (and how much space she took in our house despite her size so little.. hahaha)

Lesson #2 : First year of marriage is tough!! People called it the adjustment year.. but love conquers all. Maturity counts! I would never be like this when I am much younger I guess.. (I am very hard-headed.. trust me!) Heheheh.. I am glad I got married at quite a stable age. I’m more stable emotionally and financially but the downturn is my egg count is running low too!! Hahaha.. Must work hard to achieve my husband’s target of 10 children!! See.. Bella is supporting her parents.. she wants more adik already.. kaki dah masuk mulut dah😉

Lesson #3 : If either one of you wins in an argument between each other, it’s a losing battle for your marriage.

Lesson #4 : Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW: “Sekiranya aku boleh menyuruh seseorang sujud kepada seseorang manusia, nescaya aku akan suruh perempuan sujud kepada suaminya.” (Di riwayatkan oleh A.Hurairah) . Amazing isn’t it.. I have no comment, just memorize the hadith, ladies!

In general.. year 2011 has been a kind to me. Alhamdullillah. Owh, and not forgotten my little hijrah!! I want to strive to a be a better muslimah in 2012. I wanna be a better person, wife, mommy, doctor in whatever way I can.. 

Happy new year from all of us.. (urmm.. no family pic with my selendang coz baru 3 hari blaja pakai😀 nie pun Bella looks constipated! LoL..) May 2012 brings the best for all of us!! InsyaAllah..

Love, XO

Short Notes..

Yes, yesterday was my birthday..I’m only 31🙂 I owe a huge thank you to all of you for your well wishes and support. And forgive me if I missed my thank you to you personally on FB and twitter. First time celebrating birthday as a mommy makes me feel like I already have the best gift ever.. Bella!!

Much love, X

First Baby Step..

This time, my rambling is not about Bella.. it is about Bella’s mom, but it is a little bit personal.. (Yes, much more personal than breast feeding or cracked nipple!)

For the past one month, I have this feeling like I want to learn to wear tudung.. Yes, you read it right. No, my husband never pressured me. Of course he always advice me to do good.. but he never give me ultimatum but I know he always doa one day insyaAllah, mighty Allah will open my heart..

Initially, I have this doubt that I might change my mind. I am worried because I don’t want to do it for the wrong reason. To be true to all of you, I get a lot of emails, some are good advices (thank you) and some are just condemning me for not covering my hair.. (err, thanks to you too.. but it hurts you know..) Yes, I get a lot of that.. that is the price I have to pay, I guess.. but my husband always tell me that whatever these people are writing to me, they mean good. I don’t want to do this just to satisfy others. I want to do it when I am ready.

So now, here I am, telling all of you.. my blog readers, twitter followers and also FB friends, alhamdullilah, I am gonna make baby steps towards a better muslimah, insyaAllah. I have decided to start with selendang first and move forward as time goes by..

But I have to ask you for one thing, please be kind to me. I know I am gonna get emails or even message on my FB wall asking why selendang? that’s not enough, kenapa pakai selendang macam nak jatuh, baik tak payah pakai.. (it’s quite windy nowadays you know..) why are you not covering your feet (uurmm…) why are you talking so loud (pun kena jugak..) and so on.. I know that will happen. I will get scrutinized.. so, before you tell me that, I just wanna say again and again, please be kind to me. It may look simple to you but it is a big adjustment for me (yes, and that includes a lot of shopping!! hahahah…)

Last night, I started with this..

And this is today..

Yes, I was driving but no worries, it was at a traffic light.. Hehehe.. Hence the senyum senget face.. Owh, and I like to introduce to you my tudung guru..

That is a good friend of mine, Dr Zahilah Filzah, a paediatrician. Very fashionable and up-to-date about scarves. She has been wearing tudung since she was a teenagers and very kind enough to teach me stuffs.. (there are too many types nowadays you know.. she even made a class to teach me how to wear scarves!! hahahha..) and we have agreed that Hana Tajima style is too hype for us (we are 30 something.. duhhh!)

Anyway, this rambling comes sincere from my heart. The reason I am sharing this with all of you is NOT because I wanna show off (trust me I will be accused for that!!) It is because I want to share my struggle and dilemma. I’m sure some of us who doesn’t wear scarves wants to start somewhere along the line but they are afraid of being scrutinize and criticize and screwed! Religion is a very sensitive issue. But despite whatever people gonna say, I will do whatever I feel comfortable with in my own pace. I am not gonna start drastically change my life. I believe covering hair is more that that… solat mesti jaga, akhlak, jiwa yang sendiri nak kembali pada Allah. Alhamdullillah, dengan izin Allah SWT I have decided here is my starting point… and still learning. I pray for more good things to come from Allah SWT, insyaAllah..


Gigi Bella dah tumbuh!!

No wonder it hurts y’all!! Bella dah tumbuh gigi!! I just realized it this morning.. and her daddy was so excited, went to grab the camera and asked me to hold her lips so he can take her gigi picture😉 Tak sempat Bella nak pose.. hahhaha.. Cepat nyer gigi dia tumbuh.. according to my paediatric book (nerd!) gigi should come out around 6 month!! Mind you, Bella is not even 5 month old… Pengsan lar mommy jadi mangsa gigitan!!

By the way, I have been trying the most popular method as suggested by most of you.. Tried to push her to my boobs whenever she bites. Guess what she did.. she bites even more!! MasyaAllah this girl.. her fight or flight response is maturing!! Hahahha.. she choose to FIGHT!! That’s mommy’s girl, Bella!!

Now I’m moving on to psychological approach.. talk to her while she’s feeding.. wish me luck!!

Love X

Ade ke patut…

Ade ke patut lupa buat visa??!! WTH?? Hahahhahah.. Dok India 7 tahun, lupa jugak nak buat visa.. Haih.. terdiam saya tadik biler dia cakap dia lupa buat visa!! Errk… biar benar.. tak kelakar ok.. bag dah packing dah, tinggal nak kuar umah jer.. memang tak kelakar..  Saya tatau nak gelak ke nak nanges.. Saya jugak yg kena unpack balik.. Adehh.. nak buat cammaner.. baru ingat nak menyumbang kepada pembangunan ekonomi India.. Some other time maybe.. maybe.. Dah, nak unpack bags.. TTYL!

Love X

Biting Issue *big grin*

Dear readers, assalamualaikum wbt🙂

We (my little tiny family) are leaving to India tonight!! Hooray!! B’s daddy is going to give talks at his medical school, KMC Manipal there.. again, mommy and B pun ikut skali😀 This is my first time to India but my husband stayed there for 7 years! He says the fabrics there are very cheap.. I say, let’s go shopping then!!😀

Anyway, I need some opinion re my little Bella.. She is starting to bite me while breastfeeding!!! Aaaaaa… I know! Sakit ok! Even tader gigi pun, OMG!! SAKITTT!!!! I don’t know what to do with her.. My mom asked me to jentik2 manja pipi dia so she will know not to do that.. any other options?😥

Here’s the pic taken during our shooting with NONA TV3 2 days ago.. Nope, that’s not our house (we secretly wish it is!!) That’s the suite in Royal Chulan Hotel in KL.. Farah Fauzana is so adorable and friendly! Look at my husband’s expression.. that is exactly like Bella!! Hahahaha… Or maybe Bella looks exactly like him! Sounds more logical..

Anyway, don’t forget the biting issue, please please please I’m desperately need the solution for this.. and I’m sure a lot of mommy out there jadi mangsa gigitan too?! Right!!😉

I promise I’ll read your ramblings even when I’m away..


More Milk??!

Dear readers,

I promise some of you that I will write on how to increase your milk.. urrrmmm.. breast milk of course!

I have been breastfeeding my baby for the past 4 months plus.. I have to agree that it is quite challenging for us mommies to keep producing enough milk for our little angels.. I don’t know whether it is just me or my mom has really brain-washed me but I do notice that drinking cold water will significantly reduce my milk production (suddenly I feel like a cow!!) That’s my only no-no while breastfeeding.. Hurrmm.. not that I stick to it religiously, sometimes I do drink cold water but I take warm / hot water after that. That is just to make my guilt disappear.. Hahaha..

According to my mom who is full of petua (but somehow I have selective hearing towards her advices.. hehe.. sorry maa but I DO love you, you know..) if you eat daun turi and lobak putih (radish), it will help to increase your milk production.. it is not easy to find daun turi in KL.. or even at my parents place in Seremban.. my mom only managed to find it once.. and I find the turi is really nice, not as bitter as I imagine.. (or maybe I’m just full of imaginations) Radish is easily available in most hypermarket.. we always make vegetable soup added with radish.. quite plain actually but I would do anything for Bella.. so, telan jer lar..

Another advice from my mom is to drink Horlicks.. me, as usual will question her.. why maa?? why Horlicks? why not other drinks? do you have share with the Horlicks company? why Horlicks.. and her answer would be.. “minum jer lar jgn byk tanyer..” Despite the unsatisfactory answer from my mom, I still drink Horlicks everyday, in fact it is actually 3 times a day, everytime after meal (anything for Bella, remember?!) And yes, I do notice that my milk is a lot more that usual if I drink Horlicks.. but why?? After some reading and a little bit of gossiping😉 I found out that the secret is the content of Horlicks.. It contains MALT. Malt helps to increase the milk production naturally.. In fact, in New Zealand they feed their cows with malt to increase their milk production.. (Yes, we do function almost like cow here.. duhh! but of course in much more superior level!)

Sometimes I personally had to use the help of modern medicine as well.. When I went to Russia with my husband, we had to leave Bella with my parents in Seremban because she was too small to travel at that time. We went to Moscow exactly on my 44th day of confinement.. Because of the different time and jet-lagged and irregular pumping sessions, my milk production reduced by the time I come back to Malaysia.. Yes, I cried worrying that I might not be able to breastfeed her.. Drama a bit lor.. Hehehe.. At that time, I would do anything to help to increase my milk production.. Then I remembered some medicine that can help me to overcome my problems.. I have two options.. it is tab metochlorpromide (maxolon) 10mg tds OR tab motilium 1/1 bd.. If you’re wondering what lar this woman talking about… these two are the over-the-counter drugs that is easily available to help mommies out there.. But please ask you doctor before you take these two drugs.. Jangan memandai-mandai..

And one more last tips.. I believe everyone knows this one.. regular pumping session.. 2 hourly is the best!! Please.. pump!! The more you pump, the mammary gland will ‘think’ that they are running out of milk, so they will work hard and produce more.. urrmm.. you do realized that is just a metaphor right, trust me, there is a scientific explanation but too complicated!!

So, yes, that’s my advices to all mommies out there.. You can share it with other who are out of reach from this blog. It is good to share our knowledge with others, Allah loves people who shares their knowledges. To my maa, thank you for making it happen for me. Despite all the nagging (read: NASIHAT), you rock!! I love you!) Whoever has anymore petua or advices to share with other readers, please do write.. and I thank you in advance🙂