Maternity & Children Expo @ MidValley

OK!! We just got back from this expo! I am definitely a sucker for all this baby stuff! Hahahah.. You can get most baby stuffs in cheaper price.. Some things you can’t get it even from regular baby store πŸ™‚ First stop, we singgah CellSafe Stem Cells booth. We are keeping Bella’s stem cell just in case she might need it in the future for any medical reasons.. Now scientists even thinking how to make a heart out of stem cells. Better safe than sorry, y’all!! And they have huge poster of pregnant me and hubby as their backdrop. MasyaAllah.. takut tgk πŸ˜€ Hahahha…

In my shopping list.. (cheewahh.. ada shopping list but trust me I never stick to it!!) I have only two things.. 1) Pigeon’s baby wipes ~ lots and lots of it 2) Milk storage bags. Thats it.. I promised my husband.. “Dua jer, tak byk, then kiter gie makan..” (yeah right!!)

These are the things that I ter’bought’ at the expo πŸ™‚ Tak byk.. sbb perut dah lapar πŸ˜€

I’m not a fan of headband for babies.. I just don’t know why.. sometimes it is too big for the head until it looks like a tumour to me!! Seriously!! Dah macam ada ketumbuhan coming out from the baby’s head.. sian tau!! But I found this one. It’s kinda cute, and colourful and it sticks to Bella’s head nicely without looking like a tumour of the head πŸ˜€ Terpaksa beli 3…

And of course more books for Bella.. I like cloth books where she can read and chew at the same time.. (and mommy can wash too!! :D) This Elmo book has a lot of popping out character inside it for Bella to play with. It’s very colourful, good for her eyesights.. Murah.. trust me.. RM 10 jer.. slalu kalu tak sale.. urrrghhh…

Look what I found!! πŸ˜€ Bella Β has never use pacifier before nor I had any intention to start her with one.. But we had to buy this one for camera purposes.. Hehhehe.. Nak ambik gambar dia with this pacifier.. Owh.. and it’s orthodontic pacifier.. meaning, it will not and not suppose to damage the gum as opposed to the regular pacifier.. This is how it looks like from side view.. It’s a vampire fang!! Why vampire.. Coz mommy is in Team Edward!! πŸ˜€ Yes, I’m a sucker for Twilight Saga too!! Hehhehe..

Back to my shopping list, remember I have 2 things on my list.. 1) Pigeon’s baby wipes (yg lain tanak.. tak best!) and 2) Milk storage bags..

Ok.. Pigeon doesn’t have a booth this time, so tak dpt beli.. and I forgot to buy the milk storage bags..

I didn’t get the things I wanted but end up getting some others that is not included in my shopping list πŸ˜€ Typical me!!

Should I go back again there tmrw..? Maybe NOT!! Enjoy shopping mommies!!


20 thoughts on “Maternity & Children Expo @ MidValley

  1. I dont give Bella pacifier either.. Again, as I said, It is for camera purposes.. For fun.. sajer2 nak amik gambo πŸ˜€ nowadays dah ada orthodontic pacifier, meaning it doesnt damage baby’s teeth / gum..

  2. akak pun biasa mcm tu kalau nak gi shopping mesti beli brg yg takde dlm list.. hubby kena ikut je le..:) . Now dah 3 anak, slow sikit shopping, hubby yg buat semua…kita duduk di rumah…

  3. hehehe i pun xbrape minat tgk babies yg pki headbands besar2..mcm kesian je..but the way u describe it, kelakar okay..tumour pulak hahaha

    nway doc, i just found ur blog n i simply love the way u blog..very realistic n entertaining..;D and baby B is super cute! my son kirim salam, but he’s a month younger than Bella πŸ˜‰

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