Mommy Talk: Cloth Diapers

Since we are on the topic about diapers.. let’s keep the ball rolling.. Are you using cloth diapers?

I have never heard about cloth diapers until I went to Baby Expo in MidValley somewhere early this year! See how ignorance I have been before this.. and that includes my friends with children who doesn’t use cloth diapers! Hahahah.. (Korang pun sama!! Alasan.. takde masa nak basuh.. :D)Β After knowing about this cloth diapers, I have decided to use this as my baby’s daily diapers at home.

Reason #1: It comes in bright colours!! I love bright colours!! Memang cantik! Not need to wear pants anymore πŸ™‚

Reason #2: The surface contact with my baby’s bottom is fleece. It is super soft, I dont have to worry about her skin.. It’s very comfy!!

Reason #3: I can reduce my long term cost on disposable diapers.. Well, knowing my husband, he wants 10 children.. hahahah.. better start saving from now!! πŸ˜€

Reason #4: Save the earth, mommy! For Bella and other children!!

Reason #5: It’s made in Malaysia (support our local brand!!)

Unfortunately I can only use these cloth diapers during daytime because Bella wears long pants at night (therefore she has to use the disposable diapers..) and only started using when she is already about 2 month plus. I didn’t use it earlier because she was too small for the diapers despite the adjustable buttons.. She looks Β funny like a baby stucked in a huge diaper ball!!

So far, I’ve been using these cloth diapers about almost a month and I love it!! During daytime, I need about 3 to 4 diapers including inserts. To those who is not familiar with cloth diapers, inserts are another layer of cotton piece cloth you insert (hence its name!) into the cloth diapers to enhance absorption. Apparently they have many types of inserts.. part tu I blum pandai lagi.. I only use the basic one.. I have no complaint and will continue using it until my next 10 children.. insyaAllah.. hehhehe..

31 thoughts on “Mommy Talk: Cloth Diapers

  1. Assalam Dr..Saya dh pernah try cloth diapers ni..tu pun a gift from my saya, cloth diapers ni sesuai untuk baby yg masih kecil dan tak pee byk sgt..anak2 saya dah 2 tahun time diorang pakai..seronoknya ada org bg,ingatkan bleh save kat diapers,tgk2 sekali je pee terus bocor..hehe..jenuh jgk nk mop umah..twin lak tu..2kali je pakai,then simpan buat collection.haha..klu nak basuh tu,sy xde masalah tp bila bocor tu la,yg buat garu kepala…tebal mmg tebal,tp ability to retain the liquid tu still low..klu zaman dulu pkai lampin,tp ada yg plastik kat luar tu halang tembus ke luar..ini pandangan saya la..satu lagi klu anak2 saya pakai ni,nmpak mcm itik pulang petang funny..

  2. Itik pulang petang?? Mmg chomel!! ANyway, maybe you didnt get the instruction right, you should wash the inner insert a few times to increase the absorption, Izrah.. Baru the it can soak really well. They suggest to wash it 3 times before using it.. Thats what I did. So far so good.. never had leaked even when I forgot to change (coz it does look like a short pants!! haha..)

  3. YEs babe.. it is from Lunatots but I have no share or whatsoever with them.. I bought all their diapers myself. You pun pakai lunatots kah? Hehehe..

  4. save budjet kan…x yah pakai yg mahal2…selamat sikit alam sekitar…ms ank i ms kecik pun selalu gak pakai napkin kain tu…je…

  5. hahaha…I also have 10 cloth diapers..various brand…penah tried pakai few days..pas tu tak pakai sbb ada penyakit “M” hahahaha…
    so dah 1thn lebih terbiar mcm tu jer 😦

  6. Amimah: congratulation in advance on being a mom!! mommy rocks ok!!
    Afifza: cloth diapers ni kalu tak braper rajin.. basuh jer hari2 time you mandi petang2 tuh.. kalu tgk dah berlonggok2 mmg makin tak rajin!! same here!!
    Kak Azhana: gitu lar nampaknyer.. ahhahah..

  7. Dr..itik pulang petang tu,jalannya terkedek2..haha..entahla..saya x pakai Lunatots tu,jenama apa ntah..adik saya yg mmg bocorla..haha..camner diorang pakai pun xtaula..huhu..:)

  8. not yet babe. like you will use after 2nd month due to the amount of poo he lets out now… CD waiting for a good friend to drop some over. Bila nak mummy n baby meet? sms me k.

  9. hiii dr. halina, i bab diapers nih duduk rumah pakai yg murah2 je, kalau nak jalan baru pakai yg mahal tahan lasak huhuhuu….. sgt jimat πŸ™‚

  10. eycha.. bile lagi hang nak lawan halina dgn 10 11 anak ni.. hikhik.. i surrender ya halina.. 3 org ni pun letih sgt dahhhh.. kalau nak lagi satu pun.. tunggu la dulu.. πŸ˜›

  11. Alhamdulillah, saya suka entri ni πŸ™‚ cloth diapers memang berbaloi dimiliki semua keluarga. tak kira rajin atau malas, sederhana atau kaya raya, sibuk atau lapang, baby heavy wetter atau biasa2 aje – semua ada cara mengendalikannya πŸ™‚ Tahniah Dr Harlina πŸ™‚

  12. hi dr harlina..this is my first time reading ur blog!!and congrats to u on ur attempt to use cloth diapers..i’ve been cloth diapering my baby too!!for more than 1 year..alhamdulillah..and for your infos, there’s also cloth diapers which are sized, started with newborn that it wont look bulky on ur baby..kalau sudi, do visit my blog..i’ve shared some of my cloth diapering experience as well..=)

  13. OMG!

    Love this entry!

    Go green!

    I totally support natural parenting (cloth diapering, babywearing and breastfeeding)

    You should join ‘Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents’ group in FB! ^__^


  14. HI there Dr Harlina. Thumbs up to you for providing the best start for your lil love ones. Super-busy mom like you still can afford to cloth diapering should lead by example unto others so why not other moms then? Malas basuh? Oh, let the washing machine do that for u, Momma! πŸ™‚ Anyhow, please feel free to join another CD-mama in FB: Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents & seriously there are many things about cloth diapers that mommas can endlessly chat away. πŸ™‚

  15. wah baru terjumpa blog dr… terus rasa addicted. hehe. terasa nak komen pulak bila tiba2 baca entry CD ni.. best kan Dr., bila time lipat n masukkan insert, nak2 klu corak comel2 dan cantik2… mama dia yg addicted beli

  16. i pun suke CD ni. if lmbt tukar pun kulit xmerah/ruam. my twins have very sensitive skin. so, sgt sesuai utk kulit diorg. konon2 nk bjimat la since anak kembar. tp sejak2 dh besar(2thn) n bleh panjat sana sini, bila i pakaikan CD, tau2 nnt diorg dh bogel. bukak CD sendiri. adoi….pengsan mama. hahaha..

  17. Hi Dr. Halina, going thru your blog and found this post. I think we don’t need a hybrid car (am I really mean this?) coz we are doing more than a hybrid car doing, by using recyclable stuff and environment-friendly to our baby. more natural, aight? oh ya, on natural parenting, have you ever came across babywearing? just to spark something to you about natural parenting. adopting it by chance but now me love it soooo much.

  18. U r so funny la Dr πŸ™‚ .. i love it that you are so down to earth. I regretted I didn’t use CD on my first son coz my oh my, i wasted thousands on just disposable diapers. Money wasted is still acceptable.. but I can’t bear it when i think about those used dis diapers lying around somewhere until hundreds of years T_T. Go go CD! Is lunatot brand okay?

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