Overcoming My Forgetfulness

Breastfeeding sometimes can be confusing.. not in a complicated way.. but in a very simple way that makes you (in this case.. me!) feel silly!!! Sometimes I forget which breast I feed her with previously.. For those who is still new with breastfeeding.. yes, you have to alternate breast every feeding. This is to keep the milk coming.. Another little tiny things that I frequently (dulu lar) forget is when was the last feed, how long was it.. It is little things that becomes annoying when you forget.. Don’t blame me.. I’m only human πŸ™‚

Initially, I had a piece of paper on my bedside table just for me to jot something down.. but another problem occurred.. I lost the paper πŸ˜€

Until one fine day, while feeding Baby B and browsing iphone App Store (Yes, I love to shop even at Apple’s Apps Store) I found this app!! This is the answer to Β my problems!!

Baby Log!! I tried the free version first and I love it.. It has everything that a occasionally-forgetful mommy like me needs! πŸ˜‰ Beside, it is in my phone.. Β not that I will never lost my phone (yes, I did twice) but at least the chance of me losing my phone a lot lesser that a piece of paper.. I can key in all B’s data from feeding, diaper change, sleep, play, bath, poo poo and more! The screen that you see below is an overview of B’s activity today..

In detail, when you enter the feeding page, you can add the side of the boobies (ni lar yg I slalu lupa!) time, duration. If your baby is on bottle milk, you can choose the type of milk like formula milk or breast milk, or juice etc..Even if you fed your baby both sides, you can enter the details here..

This is the page for diaper entry.. There’s also other basic entries as I mentioned above live sleep. play, bath etc..

Not just daily basis notes, you can also enter your baby’s measurement. These are the things that doctors measure during your child follow up during vaccination visits at the clinic. These numbers are quite difficult to understand unless you see it in a form of a graph. (Typical schematic doctor!!)Taddaaaa… This graph is also included in this Baby Log app!! Amazing isn’t it!! Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting B’s stuff anymore.. I just have to remember not to forget to key in the data!! πŸ˜‰

Till then.. xoxo

15 thoughts on “Overcoming My Forgetfulness

  1. i rasa funny.. haha.. kan kan.. time pregnant pun pelupa.. dah bersalin pun pelupa.. semua org camtu halina.. myself pun.. tapi kalau u perasan.. tgk which breast yg berat.. hat tu la yg kena bagi minum.. πŸ˜› kalau breastfeed baby wee wee tak sebanyak yg minum formula.. well.. baby B dah 3 bln lebih.. bile start keja? hehe.. nanti nak kena ingat bila nak express your milk pulak.. πŸ™‚

  2. best!! hehe.. Dr. Halina I have few Q questions for u..i’ve been bf (exclusively) my baby for almost 11mos.. the prob is…..is it normal that..

    1) i still didn’t have my period yet?.. (dah check hehe not bcoz of pregnancy) :p
    2) and.. mmg time bf baby ni rambut mudah gugur.. n somestimes i feel that i am someone yg ‘pelupa’ or dgn kata lain nyanyuk… hehe… is it a normail symtoms?

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  3. Dr..app ni ada dlm apple apps je..i used android phone.ada jgk apps just like this..and its free..applicable utk yg ada baby kecil je..my kids dah besar2..hehe..cuma monitor dia punya growth je..breastfeed dh stop..

  4. Nura.. i think thats clever.. saya tak terpk pun nak guna pin!..

    Izrah, Im using iphone.. Im not sure about androids.. anak2 dah besar dah tak perlu dah kot..

    A.E, as long as you are feeding her exclusively with your milk.. mmg you tak dpt period as long as you check you pregnancy status.. congratulation to you!! part rabut tuh its because hormones regulation after pregnancy.. as far as I know, its not because of breastfeeding.. pelupa? yes.. I have the same issue here!! macam benda lupa! byk btul reminder in my phone tau!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Something for us to consider downloading for my fiancee’s Iphone since we’re also considering breastfeeding later on bila dah kawen and ada anak sendiri. Useful application hehe, especially like the paeds growth chart. Kan best kalau I dapat suruh all mommies in the ward have these….but wishful thinking…hehe. Then masa TCA i mintak I-phone dorang and tengok je graf….LoL… πŸ™‚

  6. huhuhu… unlucky for me, b’coz i never brestfeed my baby. bukan xnak tapi it’s b’coz my husband takut my baby kena jangkit hep-b from me b’coz i’am hep-B carrier. hm… tapikan, mcm tau2 je milk i ni pun xmo kluar. i pernah dgr yg breast bengkak sbb tak kluarkan susu, tapi i tak. menakjubkan juga, coz i dah beli pump utk kluarkan milk but hasilnye cuma getah timun. pump punye pump xkuar juga.. hmm bukan rezeki anak la tu. DR, nak tanya la, if i Hep-B carrier but i nak jugak bagi breastfeed, risiko jangkitan tu ada jugak ke walau pun start my baby lahir dah kena suntikan hepabag… i nak bg breastfeed but camne ye… risau if baby kena jangkit… huhuhuhu

  7. Salam Dr,

    I read your entry on the Baby Log and thanks for the info! I really need this apps to keep track of both of my daughters. Currently, we only keep the records in the log book given by the hospital when they were born but it’s just too risky. We cannot afford to lose these data. They are just too precious kan? Thanks a lot!

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