First Time Mommy

It has been 2 months since I gave birth to little Sophea Isabella. I still can remember exactly how I feel the moment I held her for the first time… The feeling is priceless.

I had this emotion surge where suddenly this unconditional love flowed in my veins.. and first word I said to her was “Hi, Sophea”.. (well, I like the name Sophea and the father likes Isabella.. that is how we got her name). She looked at me like she knew who I was.. and the rest is history.

At first, our relationship seemed one-sided, I (well, and the father too!) gave her all our attention every time she cries, sleeps and changing her nappies.. but towards the one of first month, when that toothless smile, babbles starts to appear, I know our relationship is moving forward.. Now Baby B is already cooing. She always coos like she wants to tell me something and every time she did that, I know she knows who I am to her and I am important to her. All my exhaustion disappears. It’s all worth it.

I still feel like it was only yesterday I have met her. I believe all mommies out there feels the same way too. It is amazing how God created this bond between mother and child that seems unbreakable.. Keep smiling Baby B 🙂

17 thoughts on “First Time Mommy

  1. ijah pun nanges ok time kakna nak bersalin tuh.. kesian kakna!! but i was so thrilled bile tgk 1st gambar bella yg kakna anta.. kiut maut 😉

  2. Doc, does bella experience colic often? Or getting up in tbe middle of the you have any tips to overcome this?

  3. Doc, does bella experience colic often? Or getting up in the middle of the you have any tips to overcome this?

  4. naureen, alhamdullilah so far she doesnt have any colic issue. and she sleeps from 10 till 7.30am everyday!! mmg dia tak bgn malam.. i suggest frequent burping during feeding to help with colic, besides, do some tummy time for your baby on exercise ball to reduce angin dlm perut baby.. i dun really have experience with colic..

    ermie, aku mmg nak menyamakan kedudukan dgn ko nih!! 😉

  5. Wow, 9hours sleep? Heaven nya klau my baby camtu jugak, xbgn for feeding ke? So far i dh try burping,urut dgn tummytime.but kdang2 slalu spit up.myb bcoz i jrang breastfeed,susu dh xdela..myb nk tuka feeding bottle yg anti colic punya.btw,thanks for your reply doc!! I’m still learning

  6. naureen, my second baby colic teruk gile though i breastfed her.. my friend suggested to use minyak nona roguy (minyak mustajab) and sapu la kat perut die.. dengan jayanya solved my prob.. kalau tak kesian gile my baby.. perut sampai berkilat.. not muak.. but already muntah due to colic.. i suggested to one of mr friends.. she said ok dah anak die after trying minak nona roguy.. you should try probably..

    wow halina.. camna baby you tido 9 hours ni? baby i every 2 hours bangun.. i’m so tired nowadays sbb tido tak lena sgt.. all of my kids bangun every 2 3 hours.. shld teach me.. hehe

  7. I guess i’m one of the lucky ones who gets to sleep at night.. Try keeping your baby awake during day time.. Keep your baby busy.. Bella doesn’t sleep much during daytime. She will surely becomes tired after her playtime especially swimming.. After spending some time in the bathtub.. She will feels very hungry, drink a lot.. and go to sleep.. I dunno about other babies but it works with Bella. Wortht trying..

  8. am almost come to tears when reading this entry..i think i’ve got d same feeling when holding my baby for d 1st time..its been 2 n a half year dat i’m 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby, really cant remember d experience..what i remember most is in d 1st few days, my daughter really recognize my voice..whenever she heard my voice, she will try to find where it came mum is d one who notice dat..miss d moment 🙂

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