Ramadhan 2014!

It’s time of the year again.. Ramadhan is here!! Alhamdulillah we are given another chance  this time for another round of this holy month. I wanna wish all of your a happy Ramadhan. May Allah grant us goodness and protection during this holy month. May He bless us with health and happiness, and most of all, may He accept our good deeds and ibadah.

Here’s Bella after school, feeling excited looking at mirrors around her in a changing room at the tailor shop. May you get infected with her happiness :D

Take care..


Leaving On a Jet Plane

Insyaallah, we will be leaving for Umrah this coming Thursday..

We = Bella + Tasha + daddy + mommy

This is my first time bringing these two girls there. Last time we were there, B was about Tasha’s age and Tasha was about 6 month in my womb. So, my first time handling two toddlers in Tanah Haram. I know it’s not gonna be easy since both of them are very active and I need to keep both of them in my sight all the time. I pray to God to ease things for both me and my husband taking care of our children especially when we are there so we can focus on our ibadah and being parents at the same time.

I’m quite nervous actually..

May Allah ease..



Self-Love Notes

Few more days before the new year!!
I just love New Year resolution!! There is just something about starting a new year and telling yourself “I’m gonna make this year about bla, bla and bla..” I don’t know how long it will last but at least I have my objectives.. and ALWAYS aim high!! Yes, that’s what I always do.. Aim high! Like an old saying…” Aim for the stars, you might end up with an astronaut!” Haaa.. I just made that up! What I meant is.. aim for the best, if you don’t get it, you know you’ve tried your best..!
Or maybe you can say.. “At least niat tu ada…” Hahaha…
There are few things I need to focus this time.. and the most important thing is to slow down the aging process. Not that I don’t want to grow old.. but I just want to grow old gracefully. I don’t want to look like I’m still 19, I just want to look appropriate for my age. Is it too much to ask for..?
Two of the few things I want to do this year, my skin and fitness level!
Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Always make time to exercise.
That’s my new mantra. Health is wealth (except that you can’t buy handbag with health! Haha..) but seriously, your health is important in long term run.. It helps to prevent you from lifestyle-related disease like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease… (that’s the doctor-side of me!!) If you’re not healthy, how can you take care of others. And the perk of being fit, is that you’ll lose all the baby fat.. hello toned body!! This baby fat that clings to my body is killing me… If I gained 5kg after every delivery, can you imagine me after 10 children?!! Haaaa…
And then, comes the skin care part.. the most common question I get in my email, blog, tweeter. The number one principal of skin care is always prevention is better than cure (well, that is applied to medicine too!) So, it’s always better to do something today than waiting for it to happen.
As you get older, you’ll notice you need more ‘maintenance’ than when you were in your 20′s!! I can get away with just basic stuff like cleanser, moisturiser and sunblock in my 20′s.. But now, I have to add serum, eye cream, skin supplement and God knows what!! Hahaha.. Yes, as much I hate to admit, that is the fact. I need all the help I can get.
My favourite serum is the SKII Treatment Essence aka the Miracle Water.
I have been using it for almost 10 years, I still remember my first bottle of SKII, it was in 2003, I was in my fourth year medical school and my boyfriend-now-husband bought for me!! Hahaha.. I was so into it until now.. And yes, I spent my JPA scholarship on SKII Miracle Water!! :D
Favourite eye cream… Haih.. I’m not really sure about that. I haven’t found anything that I’m really fond of. I notice that the skin around my eyes looks good when I have enough sleep (which is rare!!) I still haven’t found anyone sell “enough-sleep-in-a-bottle” serum yet.. So, right now, the search is still on…
And skin supplement.. Currently I’m taking this Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen which has high content of anti-oxidant and stem cells (I need all the help I can get, remember?)
Yes, anti-oxidant is very important in slowing down aging process, in fact it is very good in preventing cancer. Considering our daily lifestyle is highly exposed to free radicals in the environment, supplement of antioxidant is definitely the answer. You can get yours from here..
Of course there’s also new resolution for my career, mommyhood (that includes reading books for B and T every night when I’m not oncall!!) and being a wife (does a promise not to wear ugly but comfy t-shirt at home considered as a resolution?? Haha..) and probably I should be more consistent in writing in my blog!
OK, enough of my new year resolutions. We have a few more days to go before starting fresh in 2014. I’m soooo in my holiday mood right now. Getting together with family is definitely in my agenda.
Happy holiday to all of you!
May Allah bless us all.. InsyaAllah…

Ramadhan Datang Lagi..

Alhamdulillah panjang umur kita, sampai jugak ke Ramadhan tahun ni kan…

I want to wish all BarelySupermommy readers a happy fasting. May Allah accept our good deeds during this holy month. Take good care of yourself. Whoever is breastfeeding, a lot of people claimed kurma is good in producing more milk. Drink enough water. Be good everyone!!

Lots of Love.. XO

Great News To Share :)

I’m overwhelmed to share this great news with all of you :) We have been keeping this little secret to ourselves.. My God, keeping a secret is definitely not easy!!

But today, I guess is the right time to tell Barely Supermommy readers that we are expecting!! Bella is gonna be a big sister!!! :D

I have completed my third month pregnancy and had a scan done earlier today..

MasyaAllah, it’s like a dejavu seeing God’s creation.


It may looks big on the screen, but in reality, a 3 month old fetus is only about 5cm long. God is great..

I pray for a healthy baby, safe pregnancy and secretly wishing for a boy ;)

(Haha.. not a secret anymore, I guess :D)

Whatever the outcome is, praise to Allah who granted our doa… alhamdullilah :)

Lesson Learned in 2011

In just a few hours, we will say goodbye to 2011 and hello 2012!! Yup, just a few hours time.. time really flies now days, right?? 2011 is a big year for me, many things have happened and I have learned a few things about myself, life and people around me..

Lesson #1 : Now I do understand the meaning of unconditional love.. and that is a mother’s love to her child. I’m not really sure about father though.. hahahha.. but I guess it is almost the same (yup, almost but NOT same!!) *wink* I, myself amazed how much I could love her!! (and how much space she took in our house despite her size so little.. hahaha)

Lesson #2 : First year of marriage is tough!! People called it the adjustment year.. but love conquers all. Maturity counts! I would never be like this when I am much younger I guess.. (I am very hard-headed.. trust me!) Heheheh.. I am glad I got married at quite a stable age. I’m more stable emotionally and financially but the downturn is my egg count is running low too!! Hahaha.. Must work hard to achieve my husband’s target of 10 children!! See.. Bella is supporting her parents.. she wants more adik already.. kaki dah masuk mulut dah ;)

Lesson #3 : If either one of you wins in an argument between each other, it’s a losing battle for your marriage.

Lesson #4 : Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW: “Sekiranya aku boleh menyuruh seseorang sujud kepada seseorang manusia, nescaya aku akan suruh perempuan sujud kepada suaminya.” (Di riwayatkan oleh A.Hurairah) . Amazing isn’t it.. I have no comment, just memorize the hadith, ladies!

In general.. year 2011 has been a kind to me. Alhamdullillah. Owh, and not forgotten my little hijrah!! I want to strive to a be a better muslimah in 2012. I wanna be a better person, wife, mommy, doctor in whatever way I can.. 

Happy new year from all of us.. (urmm.. no family pic with my selendang coz baru 3 hari blaja pakai :D nie pun Bella looks constipated! LoL..) May 2012 brings the best for all of us!! InsyaAllah..

Love, XO

First Baby Step..

This time, my rambling is not about Bella.. it is about Bella’s mom, but it is a little bit personal.. (Yes, much more personal than breast feeding or cracked nipple!)

For the past one month, I have this feeling like I want to learn to wear tudung.. Yes, you read it right. No, my husband never pressured me. Of course he always advice me to do good.. but he never give me ultimatum but I know he always doa one day insyaAllah, mighty Allah will open my heart..

Initially, I have this doubt that I might change my mind. I am worried because I don’t want to do it for the wrong reason. To be true to all of you, I get a lot of emails, some are good advices (thank you) and some are just condemning me for not covering my hair.. (err, thanks to you too.. but it hurts you know..) Yes, I get a lot of that.. that is the price I have to pay, I guess.. but my husband always tell me that whatever these people are writing to me, they mean good. I don’t want to do this just to satisfy others. I want to do it when I am ready.

So now, here I am, telling all of you.. my blog readers, twitter followers and also FB friends, alhamdullilah, I am gonna make baby steps towards a better muslimah, insyaAllah. I have decided to start with selendang first and move forward as time goes by..

But I have to ask you for one thing, please be kind to me. I know I am gonna get emails or even message on my FB wall asking why selendang? that’s not enough, kenapa pakai selendang macam nak jatuh, baik tak payah pakai.. (it’s quite windy nowadays you know..) why are you not covering your feet (uurmm…) why are you talking so loud (pun kena jugak..) and so on.. I know that will happen. I will get scrutinized.. so, before you tell me that, I just wanna say again and again, please be kind to me. It may look simple to you but it is a big adjustment for me (yes, and that includes a lot of shopping!! hahahah…)

Last night, I started with this..

And this is today..

Yes, I was driving but no worries, it was at a traffic light.. Hehehe.. Hence the senyum senget face.. Owh, and I like to introduce to you my tudung guru..

That is a good friend of mine, Dr Zahilah Filzah, a paediatrician. Very fashionable and up-to-date about scarves. She has been wearing tudung since she was a teenagers and very kind enough to teach me stuffs.. (there are too many types nowadays you know.. she even made a class to teach me how to wear scarves!! hahahha..) and we have agreed that Hana Tajima style is too hype for us (we are 30 something.. duhhh!)

Anyway, this rambling comes sincere from my heart. The reason I am sharing this with all of you is NOT because I wanna show off (trust me I will be accused for that!!) It is because I want to share my struggle and dilemma. I’m sure some of us who doesn’t wear scarves wants to start somewhere along the line but they are afraid of being scrutinize and criticize and screwed! Religion is a very sensitive issue. But despite whatever people gonna say, I will do whatever I feel comfortable with in my own pace. I am not gonna start drastically change my life. I believe covering hair is more that that… solat mesti jaga, akhlak, jiwa yang sendiri nak kembali pada Allah. Alhamdullillah, dengan izin Allah SWT I have decided here is my starting point… and still learning. I pray for more good things to come from Allah SWT, insyaAllah..


Our First Year

It’s our first wedding anniversary!!! We survived our first year being married!! Hahahhaha… It has been a year of learning and adapting for both of us I guess.. Courting and being married is totally different. Marriage life is a lot more AWESOME!! ;)

Congratulations to my baby sister, Hamizah who got married yesterday (9/10/11) to Ruzaimi. They have been together for almost 10 years.. and finally it is time to settle down :) Kak Na wish both of you happiness, wealth and prosperous and many babies!! :D

To Dr Sheikh’s fans.. thank you very much for supporting him all the way.. In fact, today is his 4th space flight anniversary. It was 4 years ago he went to space and make us proud. And it still feels like yesterday.. Thank you again.

May Allah blessed our family and friends.. Hoping for many more happy years!! Have a great day ahead everyone!!