Family Potrait

B and T wont be small for so long. My husband and I really having a great time raising our two girls. We love to keep their photos and videos whenever we had the chance to do it. About a month ago, we decided to have a family photography session.. Just for fun at FamGlamStudio at The Gardens. The photograpers are good with children, the environment is very children friendly and the props are awesome. We had great time shooting there.. Here's some of it…
Of course ice cream wasn't provided there.. We just happened to buy it before the session (yup, to keep high sugar level for the girls.. Haha.. Baru lar hyperactive!!)
We took a lot more photos with different props and themes (and baju of course!!) Probably you'll see some of them in the near future.
Mind you, this is not a sponsored post. Please dont ask me details about packages and prices. We just wanna share the happiness with you! ;) If you are interested, you can check their webpage
or you can drop by their studio at The Gardens.. Its on the same row with Baby GAP.. Don't ask me which floor please.. Hahah..

This Morning…

Mommy is on leave. Daddy is around. This is what we did… Lazying by the pool.

This is Bella trying to escape her swimming practice with daddy.. She just stayed under the shower for a looongggg time! So clever!!

But she can’t escape for long!! Daddy knows her tricks!! Hahaha..

And the pool is empty on Monday morning!! Yay!!

And Tasha is sunbathing in her sleep suit..

And mommy.. I’m the supervisor / managing director / photographer / lifeguard (for the kids pool only!!)

Love, XO

Orang Tua-tua Kata..

Orang tua-tua kata..

Tali pusat adik beradik mesti simpan and disatukan.. supaya adik beradik tak bergaduh!!

Here I am, keeping the remnants of Bella and Tasha’s umbilical cord in one pouch.

So, they won’t fight over the same dolls, dress, Barbie or whatever they can think of fighting for in the future..



Confinement Food..

Gosh.. Confinement food is really full of black pepper, ginger, onion and garlic. It really makes you sweat!!

No fried food.

Only grilled and boiled soup.

Please God gimme strength to go through this..


I wonder does McD’s Prosperity Burger counted as confinement food or not.. It’s full of black pepper, what?? ;)

Something to ponder….

I Miss You!!

Hi all!!

It has been awhile since my last ramblings… My goodness, how time flies. October was a really busy busy month for us. We are in the midst of moving house. Currently we are ‘stationed’ (hahhah…) at my in-laws place. My late father-in-law passed away last month so we have decided to stay with my mother-in-law for awhile until our new place is ready. Family support is crucial when you’re facing death in the family..

Then we travelled to Iran, tagging along with my husband who had to attend the Iranian Space Agency conference for almost a week. Then back at work… Huh, did I mentioned Bella contracted measles along the way? Alhamdullilah it wasn’t a full blown measles, the rashes only goes down to the belly button level then it stopped.. and resolved!! Fuhhh…

(Yes, mommies, measles rashes started from the hairline and goes downward to the legs.. fever, cough and runny nose will appear about 3 to 5 days before the rashes started!!)

Then back to work again, oncall, oncall and more oncall to replace for the days I was away from work..

Owh, and we celebrated our second wedding anniversary!! Alhamdullillah :)

And for those who has been tweeting me about my pregnancy.. I’m currently at 24 weeks +, and that is at about 6 month pregnant! Weight gain is never a problem for me!! Hahaha… *panting*

Bella has grown so fast, she’s now at 15 month old!! Talks a lot!! She seems to understand more nowadays and I just love to spend time with her.. She’s so manja.. I guess she knows her adik is coming soon..

For those who misses little B.. here she is!!

Please forgive me for my disappearance! :) Hope life will be better once everything is sorted out. Gonna go continue my rounds! Yes, I’m oncall today ;)

Lots of Love,


Barely Supermommy is 1!!

I dont even realized that until I saw a message on my FB page..

Barely Supermommy is ONE today!!

Thank you for all your support, opinions, experiences that you have shared together with me on this page. It’s really a new journey for me on being a mom and personally I think it’s good to share with other mommies out there the ups and downs of motherhood.

So, yay!! Cheers to many more happy years together!!

*clap, clap, clap*

What am I up to nowadays? We are moving out in a few days time. We just thought we need a slightly bigger place for us and the coming baby.. So, our house is really looking like a tongkang pecah right now.. I’m a bit emo leaving our current place coz this is our first house together. We moved in almost two years ago with only our own luggages, slowly we bought furnitures together… Haaa.. so sentimental.. all the fights and hardwork fixing IKEA furnitures.. Hahahha..

This is the most organized mess in the house.. boxes from supermarket!!

And that’s B, joyful as ever.. busy playing hide and seek behind those boxes..