The Best Birthday Gift!!

This is the best birthday gift ever!

I asked B to sing for me again  and again and again until she got fed up and changed from “mommy” to her name.. Hahaha..

I’m so blessed. Alhamdulillah..


Tasha’s First Few Steps

Tasha turned 10 month old a few days ago and she has started to walk without aid.

We are just so happy and we want to share her first few steps with you!!

A toddler and a baby learning to walk in the house!! I’m quite sure there will be more casualties at home!! Haha.. Wish me luck!!


When a Rooster Crows..

Living in the city and having a kampung which is not so kampung.. Bella has never heard a rooster crows..


During our trip to the Bird Park, she had her first encounter with chickens and roosters..

Here’s her first reaction when a rooster crows..


And Here’s Little T :)

You watched B in my earlier post?

Here’s Little Tasha, currently at 7 month plus.. Still in the process of learning how to crawl.

Like her elder sister, they move backward first ;)


Missing B?

Hi all..

A lot of people requested for B’s video..

Here she is…

Dancing to Gracie Lou’s Nursery Rhymes.. Six Little Duck!


Thank You!!

Dear Barely Supermommy readers..

Thank you for coming to the Wyeth S26 event yesterday. I met many of you.. and of course, your little ones!!

Yes, Bella has been on S26 when she turned 1, and I still continue to breastfeed until she was one an a half year old. Breast milk is still the best option for our babies. Then comes S26 ;) And yes again, my husband was given S26 when he was a baby! Haha..

Till then.. XOXO

Flash Cards

Hi all..

I would like to share what I have done and still doing for Bella and Tasha.. Of course we, the parents wants the best for our children. Here is something that we are doing for both our girls.. and that is the usage of flash cards!!

Children’s brain is like sponges. They can easily absorbs information. So use the time that you have to teach them words, pictures in whatever category. Try the ABC flash cards, animal, transportation, household, you name it.. I’m sure it’s available at the book store or you can even make it on your own. Just google pictures from the internet and paste it on to the card.. We have a lot of flash cards for Bella and Tasha. We showed them, yes, even at Tasha’s age. Their brains are forming and expanding fast, why waste time? No point giving then all this high tech milk with DHA hoping our children to be bright but we are not doing anything to stimulate their brain..

Try to show the cards everyday, make it like a playtime for them. Let them enjoy looking at the cards.. They will pick up very quickly.. insyaAllah..

At this point of time, we are still exposing Bella and Tasha to more and more things from the flash cards. Hoping they can benefit from it. I want to share this with all of you so your children will have this benefit too. InsyaAllah..


B Having Her Haircut..

Bella having her haircut earlier today at Kool Kutz BV II.

She really needs a lot of distraction..

This One Makes Me Happy..

Despite having said what I said in my previous entry, this never fails to make me smile..

Probably some of you have seen coz I’ve put this up on my Keek..

Hope you love this one too..

“Rain, rain go away.. come again another day…”


Meet Aamina..

Hi all..

Bella received something wonderful yesterday.. a gift from Super Muslim Kids.

Meet Aamina, people..

Aamina is a Muslim doll (who wears tudung!!) that can sneeze when you press her nose, then she’ll say “Alhamdullillah”.

If you press her right hand, she can recite Al-Fatihah and Al-Ikhlas with translation in English. Left hand, she’ll give salam, Bismillah, the syahadah.. Both right and left foot also will teaching our children (and ourselves!!) something!!

That’s Bella discovering Aamina. Not just Bella was impressed with her, I also played with the doll!! :D It’s really a good quality, educational doll. And apparently there’s also a muslim boy version of this doll and his name is Yousuf. My husband dah suruh I order dah Yousuf.. I think he’s also impressed with the doll! Haha..

Thank you Afifah from Super Muslim Kids for introducing this to us. Whoever is interested in this doll can email Super Muslim Kids at or you can check their FB page.

The reason I’m sharing this with you because I think this is a good fun educational doll for our children. It’s not easy to find toys that teach children to recite AL-Fatihah, not even Bismillah. So, why lose the opportunity, right?

So, no more Dora for Bella. Aamina is her doll now..