Interesting App!!

I don’t have any interesting story to write.. But I just feel like writing today..

I hope all of you are doing great and having a great weekend with school holiday coming soon.. You know what that means.. That means less traffic in the morning!! Yesss!!

I just wanna share with you my new app discovery. It’s called Aftership, available free from AppStore. Im really not sure about Android phone.

Why this app is amazing? Because you can use it for parcel tracking… Yeah, thats important for online shoppers, right?! ;) It can detect almost all the courier company in the world.Β 

I tried local parcel, from the UK, USA and also China. It works!! You just have to key in the tracking number of your parcel and it will tell you the current status and location of your parcel. In detail!!

The most exciting part is when I see the status “On vehicle for delivery” That means I have to alert the guards at our house NOT to pass my parcel to my husband when it arrives :D Handy, right!!

So, yeah.. I thought it might be useful for some of you too!!


My Favourite Online Tudung Shop

I have received many questions regarding all my scarves and shawls that I wore.. Where did I got it..
I always bought my tudung stuffs from the same shop. Somehow I always buy from them because they have good quality tudung, shawls and inner tudung with awning with good reasonable price.

This is not a sponsored post. I sincerely like stuffs from this online boutique and whenever I have time, I’ll drop by at their place in Shah Alam.

Today I received my order from them.. all colours for inner tudung with awning.. Hahaha.. And that is about 24 of it!! :D

Puas hati!!

You can check out their online boutique at or their FB page.

Have fun shopping!!

The Big Bad Wolf ~ Biggest Book Sale!!

Homaigawd!!! We just got back from the Big Bad Wolf book sale at The Mines.. and the crowd is madness!!

Today is the last day and as usual, we Malaysians just love last minute shopping!! Haha..Check out the huge hall and the queue at the cashier.. I think they have more that 10 cashier counter opened for the visitors. Im so proud knowing that we have a huge crowd of reading society!!

What did we buy? Books for Bella.. of course.. Those are the ones with huge fonts and lots of pictures..

And some for mommy..

Yes, I Β bought cook books!! Hahahha.. We’ll see how long I can finish reading these books!!

Maybe some cooking experiment during maternity leave?? ;)

Unfortunately daddy couldnt find the books that he wanted… Haih…

Anyway, we had fun!! New books to read for Bella tonight!! Yay!!

Newly Discovered Talent

B’s newly discovered talent..

Saper lar yang ajar dia nie..


Latest Craving..

Today, since I’m not working, I joined my husband and B for a late morning swim at our apartment’s swimming pool. After we finished, while we were walking back to the lift, my apartment guard waving at me with a huge parcel in his hand..

“O.M.G!! It’s here!!!”

I was super excited but panicked at the same time.. My husband is NOT supposed to know about this!! Hahahahha… Since I couldn’t hide from the guard anymore (can’t believe I actually thought of that!) I had to pretend like I’m cool.. “Owh.. it must be something I bought online.. Hmmm .. I think it’s a bag” casually mentioned it to my husband with my nonchalant face.. Deep inside my heart, I prayed hard so that my husband will not ask me anymore question.. especially the killer question that any wives wouldn’t want to hear from their husband.. “How much is it?” Hahaha..

It’s the married shopaholic rules, when your husband ask you the price of whatever things you bought for yourself that has nothing to do with groceries.. you either:

1) Try to deviate the conversation to something else – this one doesn’t work with my husband..


2) Halves the price, if it’s still too expensive, make it a third of the original price – this one works best for me! Or probably my husband knows my trick already..! Hehe..


3) Tell them you had this long time ago that you haven’t use/wear it for quite sometimes Β – yes, bought 3 days ago also considered a long time :D

Lucky for me, he didn’t ask anymore questions.. Fuhhh…. selamat!

So, this is actually why I’m writing this entry today.. my new baby has arrived!! Nope, not the one I’m carrying.. This is the one I’ve been craving for since I saw it on the internet.. it’s a diaper bag!! Hahaha.. by Storksak ;)

Trust me Storksak has the best, practical (and stylish!) diaper bag in the market. They have a huge range of designs.

Even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt carries Storksak!

That’s Angelina in Storksak Emily in nylon black!

That’s Angelina again in Storksak Gigi..

And that’s Brad Pitt in Storksak Jamie!

First of all, let me explain.. I have been looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag, stylish, womanly, practical and made of leather! :D Nothing excites me until I saw this particular bag from Storksak. It was love at first sight! Read reviews about this bag online, and many loves it! How can I say no! After all, my husband wants 10 children, right? Might as well I invest on a good bag! Hahaha… (alasan!!)

So, which one do I choose?

That’s it.. Storksak Sofia :) You wouldn’t know it’s a diaper bag unless I tell you, right? Besides, I can use it for non-diaper-carrying outings as well! ;) Hehehe.. Must find excuses to go out so I can try and test this bag.. InsyaAllah will write a review on it. But let me tell you, the leather smell is AWESOME!! Now I’m gonna go hug my new bag while B is still asleep..

Mommy Needs To Shop!




Im currently at 16 weeks pregnant right now.. and officially off from my regular pants! Haha.. It’s getting tighter I can barely breathe.. Fuuhh..

So I went to search for my old maternity pants that I dumped at the back of my wardrobe closet.. Guess what?!!

Most of it are too loose for me because I over-stretched it towards the end of my previous pregnancy.. Hehe.. On the other hand, I feel quite happy because I can shop some more!! Yay!!

So, here I am, just got back from my favourite maternity house.. It’s called Spring in Bangsar Village II. They have the nicest maternity clothes I have ever found.. and acceptably fashionable too! Except that I had very little time just now because my husband kept looking at his watch like there was a time bomb gonna explode :D Tak sempat I nak merapu-rapu. Definitely gonna come again and try a few more outfit ;)

And check out my lil B, super hyper before going to bed. Sugar rush probably.. My bad ;)

Mommy Likes : Baby Online Shopping Page

Who doesn’t like to shop?? There must be something wrong with you!! Hahahha.. *ooppss.. sorry ;)*

Since Bella arrives, my baby-stuff-shopping addiction is getting worse.. and it has expended to online boutiques and shops.. That is even better cause I can just shop in my pajama while breastfeeding Bella!! ;) Heaven! And in two days time, parcels will arrive in front of my door (and my husband will be wondering..”Aper lagi lar yg bini aku nie beli ni…?”) Hehehhe…

I just wanna share my favourite online baby store with all of you. This is just for sharing purposes, I have no interest or share in these webpages.. It is just one of my many favourite things..


This page has awesomely cute baby outfit. Many from Carters, OshKosh, Zara, Baby GAP with very reasonable price. Every time they update their stock, I’ll go “aaaahhh… chomelnyer!!” then automatically I’ll click “Add To Cart”. Owh.. and Β they also have headbands from Sereni&Shentel for babies!! Yay!! Sereni&Shentel is our local brand, based in Sarawak but internationally well-known for their beautifully handmade headband.

Trust me, the quality is superb.. and Bella looks very lady-like in it ;) You can follow bbluvsme on twitter @bbluvsme to get the update on New Arrivals and SALE!!


This is very very new webpage, recently launch in early March 2012. They have good selection of baby outfits and they will expend more.. This page has a lot of CK baby, Gymboree, Carter’s, Laura Ashley, OshKosh, Ed Hardy.. all at reasonable price. Many of them are not available here in departmental store, so, worth browsing over, mommies!! Follow @babygomore on Twitter to get their updates..


This page belongs to Sheahnee Iman Lee, the ntv7 news anchor who is married to Naz, also a TV personality. This page has beautiful baby daily stuff like playpen, diaper clutches, shampoo, milk band and stuffs.. They don’t carry many products but the one they have are very useful..

My milk band..

Bella’s BuggyBabyBoogie playpen when we first bought it, can’t show the latest pic coz it’s always a mess.. Hahaha…

Follow them on Twitter @buggybabyboogie for their updates :)

So, those are my favourite baby stuff webpages that I would like to share with you.. Let me know yours ;)