Lazy Mommy Recipe!

Hi all!!

Gosh, my husband is not around this week. He’s currently attending a United Nation workshop in Beijing for a week. So, I’m left with my two girls running around like a circus. Haha.. Tiring but I’m having fun.. a mommy-kinda-fun. Yes, I miss having him around. It makes me feel more appreciative towards him.. Thank you, S for helping me with the kids.

Since I’m alone, well, not really because I have a stay-home-kakak who is helping me with the housework (no, I don’t call her my maid because she’s more like my family. Kak Yah has been with my family since I was 8 month old and now she’s staying with me!) She is definitely a great help but still it’s always me and my husband who does all the jobs with Bella and Tasha. Anyway, that’s not the point, I just wanna share with you a lazy-mommy recipe that I just discovered for Tasha.

I know it looks not so presentable.. Hahaha.. but it taste super yummy and packed with nutritions.. Guess what is that? Thats actually avocado and banana puree. Not need any cooking skill, just an avocado mixed with banana and smash it together. Avocado is very creamy, yummy and a little buttery with the sweetness of banana.. Memang sedap!

Avocado contains a lot of monounsaturated fat, omega-3 fatty acid, all the vitamins, potassium, folic acid and all the goodness thats needed for a growing child. I just don’t know why I didn’t serve this to Bella when she was younger..

Tasha loves it!!

Oh.. and guess what I discovered a few days ago…


Tasha’s first gigi!! Yayy!!!

Hahahha.. Yup, I giggle like a small child when I noticed her gigi.. finally!!

Till then,


B’s Fav Sh-oup

I haven’t been writing about B’s favourite food for quite some times.. that is mainly because she eats less of baby more and more adult food nowadays. No, I’m not talking about masak lemak cili api or even chicken curry here. She eats mainly soups, spaghetti, chicken rice, tosei, nasi lemak (minus the sambal) and even beriyani..! Owh.. she loves the beriyani!! Hahaha..

Today I wanna share one of her favourite nutritious daily food that she eats almost everyday!! And that is mixed soup (pronounced as “shoup” by her!) to eat with rice (a.k.a “sh-ice”).

It’s just the same soup that we eat everyday except I put a lot of things (basicly everything!!) that she needs.. from proteins i.e. chicken balls or meat balls or fish balls. Those balls are home made, I didn’t buy the one from the shop to avoid preservatives. It’s actually very easy to make.. 

You just add a little bit of minced meat, with some onion, shallot and ginger.. Just enough to give a little taste to the meat balls and a pinch of salt with tepung jagung (my goodness, I really can’t think of the English name for tepung jagung, right now!!!)

And you make it into a cute little balls shapes..

Taddaaaa… Not that cute but that will do! ;)

Besides meats, you can also use minced chicken and fish to make the balls.

I also all some macaroni and potato which is my carbohydrate back-up just in case Bella refused to eat rice ;) Yeah, yeah, yeah.. sometimes she can be quite picky but most of the time, she whacked everything!! :D

As for vegetables, I add broccoli, carrots and spinach in the soup. She can eat the carrots and broccoli on her own but not the spinach, what I did was I slices it into small pieces and just add to the soup.

Bella also loves egg, but only the white ones, so, I let her eat on her own the white ones and left the egg yolk on the soup, stir it and she will drink the soup together with the spinach and yellow  egg!!

Sometimes we also add egg taufu to replace the real egg. She doesn’t really know the difference thou.. As long as it’s tasty ;)

So that’s how I make Bella’s soup. And she can finish this one whole bowl on her own together with some rice!!

(Yeah, I use mangkuk tingkat to pack her food.. hahha.. so old-skool!!)

Dya have any other recipes to share with other mommies out there.. I would love to hear that!!


Oven-baked Potato Wedges

I just finished making home-made oven-baked potato wedges for Bella. I know it is so much easier to just buy french fries from McD and feed B but all this MSG and stuff.. haih.. Tak elok lar..

So, found this super easy recipe on the internet to make my own fries.. and gave it a try..

You only need: russet potato, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, cloves of garlic, olive oil and paprika (optional, but no paprika for B!)

Step 1: Cut cloves of garlic into slices. Heat up olive oil and stir garlic until the oil is infused with garlic smell (sehingga naik baunya bak kata orang Melayu..). Then filter out the garlic (yes, you only take the olive oil!)

Step 2: Cut the russet potato into wedge shape, and steam it for 5-10mins. (Russet potato soften very fast as compared to our local potato)

Step 3: Pre-heat oven to 220′C

Step 4: Mix the garlic-infused olive oil (step 1) with a pinch of salt, black pepper, garlic powder (and paprika if you want) in a mixing bowl. Add the steam wedges and toss well to coat (this is where you can control the amount of olive oil you put..)

Step 5: Bake in the over for 30-40mins at 220′C or until it turns golden brown. You can flip halfway through baking to even browning.

Taddaaa.. siap! I didnt wait until it really turns golden brown because I’m not good in adjusting the heat.. Nanti hangs, terus keras and B can’t eat.. Hahaha.. Ni pun okay dah, I can taste the garlic with a hint of black pepper. And B loves it! Yay!

P/s: That portion is for B, mommy ate the rest of it! :D

Baby Bolognese for Little B :)

This is a ‘must-share’ with all mommies out there.. Baby Bolognese, another yummy recipe from Annabel Karmel :)

These are the basic ingredients and together with minced beef!! Let’s start our cooking lesson…

First, heat up the olive olive in the saucepan, add the onion and fry for 2-3minutes.. Then you add the minced beef and garlic, brown over the medium heat. Add the celery, mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato puree and beef stock… I have a lot of beef and chicken stock in the fridge, so I just some of those.. Otherwise, you can just add water.. Sprinkle some thyme..

Check it out!! blum masak pun dak nampak sedap.. Cover the pot and simmer until it cooks. Add in Parmesan cheese to make it yummier ;) Thats’s the best part… I love cheese!! Done with the gravy..

Now the pasta..

I used Heinz baby pasta in star-shape!! Yay!! Just boil it the hot water with a little bit of olive oil just to make sure it doesn’t stuck to each other.. Wallaaaa…

And it’s done!! My favourite baby food so far ;)

Give it a try mommies!!

Fish with Carrot and Orange!!

B has been eating a lot of chicken and beef lately… and very little of fishes family. Hahaha.. Mommy lar malas masak! But recently I found another easy fish recipe from Annabel Karmel’s cookbook, so I decided to give it a try.. It’s called Fish with Carrot and Orange! Yes, orange ;)

First, steam the chopped carrots and potatoes until tender. Steam is better than boiling coz it will preserve more of the nutritions as compared to boiling method. Sorry I forgot to take picture for this step! Heheh.. But I guess you all know how it looks like, kan!!

Next, put the fish in a dish. Here I sure red snapper fillet. Sedap kan ikan merah! But I bought the fillet version of it coz I doubt my skills to debone the fish :D Sebelum Bella tercekik, better I just buy the fillet version, confirm no bone!! Pour over orange juice. You can just get an orange and squeeze it over the fish. Better cause there will be no sugar added, more natural!!

Sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese.. and dot with butter. In this case, I used unsalted butter..

Put it up in the over and cook for 20 minutes at 180′C.. OR according to Annabel Karmel’s recipe, you can just put in the microwave until the fish flakes easily.. I just believe the oven would do a better job than the microwave. Hehehe.. For me I only use the microwave to reheat the food, not really for cooking :D

Cantik kan!! Bau pun super yummy!! B’s daddy thought it was his dinner!! Haha.. Then I flake the fish with fork.. later add the steamed carrot and potato to the meal. You can blend to puree or just mash it until it softens..

For Bella, since she already has 8 teeth, I just mashed it.. It tastes really nice, fresh fish without the smell!! A little carbs from the potatoes and vitamins from the carrots ;) Give it a try mommy!

Chicken, Sweet Potato and Apricot :)

This time I’m gonna share another of B’s favourite food.. As usual, I like to try Annabel Karmel’s recipe. It’s easy to make and super yummy!! :)

You gotta have boneless chicken, diced sweet potato, dried apricot, carrot, chicken stock and tomato puree.. Simple and quick.. promised!

First, heat up your cooking olive oil, saute a few slices of onion and boneless chicken until sealed. Then you add your sweet potato with some amount of chicken stock (at least until all your sweet potato and chicken are covered). Add a few slices of dried apricot, tomato puree (secukup rasa) and slices of tomatoes.. Bring to the boil and simmer for 12-15 minutes..

And blend until smooth as you wish :)

Look at Bella’s face.. that’s how much she loves this chicken with apricot and sweet potato meal ;)

Beef Casserole and Butternut Squash for Little B!!

I just tried this recipe last night.. For the first time, I’m introducing red meat to Little B! :) and she loves it!! I just wanna share the recipes with mommy out there.. I got this one from Annabel Karmel Cooking Book.. So, tried and tested.. approved yummy!!

It’s very easy.. You just need minced beef, butternut squash (as I said before in my previous entry, nak guna pumpkin biaser pun buleh.. butternut squash ni pumpkin omputih), carrot, beef stock (air rebusan tulang daging, it gives the sweetness to the taste but please don’t put salt when you’re making it!), tomato puree (also home-made, blended tomato, fry with onion and shallot until it becomes thicker) and thyme leaves..

Thyme leaves ni tak wajib but many western food uses thyme leaves for red meat, it gives a nice aroma to the food.. I couldn’t find fresh thyme leaves but I found this at the supermarket.. Pokok thyme!! Hahhaha.. kecik jer pasu ni, so I just bought this one.. senang kalu nak masak next time.. what could be more fresh than this, right?? ;)

First, what you should do heat up the saucepan with olive oil.. (yeah I use olive oil for all B’s food), the the onion and minced beef. Fry over a medium heat until they start to turn brown.. Step two, just add the butternut squash (or any pumpkin), carrot, beef stock, a little bit of tomato puree and thyme leaves..

Step three, just bring to boil all the ingredients together..

Step four.. blend until smooth to your baby’s liking! Wallaaaaa…. This much of food can last for 3  days for B.. and that is for 6 meals. I froze B’s food and heat it back whenever I need it. I have to do that because I can’t afford to cook everyday. With work and oncall, this method works best for me, easy for daddy when he needs to feed B too..

 And that is little B learning how to chew :)

B’s Fish Meal!!

Hi all! Many have wrote to me that they have tried the chicken recipe and they (and their baby of course!) Love it!! Nom! Nom! Nom! Now I would like to share another recipe from Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Recipes. This time it’s fish meal… Salmon & Broccoli Puree!!

Easy one.. well, actually all her recipes are very easy.. you’ll need salmon, butternut squash and broccoli.. I don’t know what is butternut squash in Malay but it’s actually a kind of pumpkin.. mat salleh version of labu. But you can replace the butternut squash with our normal pumpkin coz it will produce the same sweet taste.. And I strongly suggest not too much of broccoli coz it will give a strong smell your baby might not like.. I’ve tried on B, she likes this with a little less broccoli (but at least there’s some broccoli in it, right?)

First, you heat the olive oil in a pan. Add the butternut squash (or pumpkin), broccoli and salmon. Pour milk.. I used the usual full cream Dutch Lady milk in boxes.. about 150ml. Not too much..

Boil, cover and simmer. That will take about 10-15minutes until the vegetables are soft and salmon is cooked. How do you know your salmon is cooked? It is when it becomes flaky when you try to break it. Then.. finish! Walllaaaaa….

It has the goodness of omega 3 and 6 from the fish.. beta-carotine from the broccoli, vitamin A and E from the pumpkin and calcium from milk. I personally have never tried using my own milk.. so, please don’t ask me that question! Haha..

Transfer all the stuff into your food processor or blender or whatever you call it.. Add in some grated parmesan cheese.. I guess cheddar cheese pun buleh jugak kot.. asalkan cheese! And some lemon juice if you think your baby couldnt take the taste of the salmon.. and blend!

Tadaaaaa.. siap! If you’re wondering how does it taste.. It taste like seafood carbonara spaghetti without the spaghetti ;)

Little B’s Fav: Chicken & Apple Puree

This is Sophea Isabella’s favourite food so far.. Do you know how I know that ? Easy.. no war involves during meal time. Hahha.. She just simply open her mouth every time I shoved her the spoon.. Hahhaha.. Jamin sedap!!

It’s very easy to do.. Siap in less than 30 mins.. First, you heat oil in the pan.. I use cooking olive oil for B’s food.. It contains necessary omega stuff (and that is omega 3 and 6) for her brain development. Than add the onion chopped apple and carrot.. Fry for about 4-5minutes. Then you add diced chicken, garlic and tomatoes. Fry until the chicken looks sealed. Then add chicken stock and tomato puree.. I suggest not too much of tomato puree because nanti masam sangat.. From my experience, nanti byk pulak poo-poo baby :D Maybe about 1-2 tablespoon should be enough..

Kacau, kacau, kacau and kacau.. bring to the boil and simmer for about 10 minutes until the chicken is cooked and it looks slightly dry like the pic above..

Then I blend the whole thing but since B is reaching 8 month already, I wanna introduce different food texture to her, so I don’t blend it to smooth like a total puree anymore. Now her foods are slightly lumpy so she will learn how to chew. Nom! Nom! Nom!

Memang sedap sbb ada rasa chicken, slightly sweet because of the apple, then ada carrot.. Very nutritious!! Most of B’s food, I still add organic virgin olive oil before I feed her to add more omega stuffs and make her chubby ;)