Why Anti-Oxidant?

OK.. this is a super mega major late entry!! I promised to you I’ll write about the extra skin care regime I’m consuming orally.. it’s this one!!

Manja tak? Hahahha…

I’ve been taking this supplement for almost 6 month now.. and I like it. I was just a consumer until the supplier find out about it and put my face on the advertisement!! Hahah..

First of all, what is anti-oxidant?

Anti-oxidant is a natural compound in our food that helps neutralises free-radicals in our body.

*nerd mode on*

Free radicals are the “bad guy” and anti-oxidants are the “good guy”. A free radical is an atom with at least one unpaired electron in our body cell. Since it has lost an electron, it needs to stabilise itself by ‘stealing’ an electron from a nearby molecule.

Where does free-radicals come from?

Easy.. I found this from the internet..

Basicly, it’s all around us, in our environment!!

Now is the part where you should ask me.. “Is that my problem?”

My answer is “Yes, it is our problem!!” Haha.. This is because whatever the free radical touches and ‘steal’ the electron (please refer to the paragraph above!!), it will damage it!! (because one of the electron is stolen, remember?)

As an example, if the free radical touches the DNA, it can cause mutation that can lead to many diseases like cancer…

Do you get me?? It’s like a chain reaction, the more things free radical touches (and steal the electron!), the more cells will get damage.. until, it binds to… ANTIOXIDANT!!!

Taddaaaaaa…. Get it?!!

Thats why antioxidant is important!!

So basically, anti-oxidant is important as an anti-aging, anti-inflammatories, and it helps to boost the immune system.

To all the vain pots (and that includes me..) you must be wondering.. how does it helps with the skin, right? Easy, if you have healthy skin cells, you will have much less problems with pigmentations (hence the whitening effect and indirectly anti-oxidant will function as a sunblock!), fine lines and acne.

Get it??

Haaaaa.. that’s why we, mere mortals need anti-oxidant!

So, why I choose this oral anti-oxidant supplement?

It’s mainly because of the quality. It’s pre-packed into small sachets. If your anti-oxidant is in a jar, it will get destroys over time every time you open the jar. (Remember the free radicals in our environment?) So, pre-packed is to ensure the quality of the anti-oxidant is maintained!

Besides, it claims that it has so much anti-oxidant with super fruits and what not.. They just sounds good to me!! Haha…

and this one whole box will last me for 2 months :)

After 6 months of using it, I noticed my energy level is better.. and that means I needed less coffee everyday to keep me energised all day. Less frequent attack with flu symptoms, I believe it does help to build up the immune system as well, even if I fall sick, I recovered quite fast without antibiotics and my skin is less dry in general.

There’s a long list of the benefits of this product that comes with it if you bought this, and you will see, basically what it does is it helps to regulate the cells (whatever cells in our body) to function better.

Bear in mind, all anti-oxidant supplements must be taken continuously.. that is because the free radicals are also continuously produced in our body!! *duhh..*

OK, enough of this long lecture. Thank you for attending my science class today!!


Keeping Fit and Healthy..

OK ladies.. here is the top three questions I get in my mailbox..
1) What skincare do you use?
2) Is Secret Skin White Kawaii any good?
3) How do you lose weight after pregnancy?
Haaa.. now this blog entry will  answer question no 3!!
Will get back to the rest of the question soon ;)
How do I lose weight after pregnancy? Yes, I know I was super huge during pregnancy, I gained almost 30kg over 9 months of both pregnancy. Hahahaha.. MasyaAllah… Thanks to my husband who’s non-stop feeding me! I’m blessed. He kept telling me.. “It’s for the baby..”  and I believed him.. Hnnshh… Alhamdullilah both my girls were born healthy. And now my issue is the post-baby weight.. Who doesn’t right?? Even Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera had the same issue.. Hahaha..
*seriously I don’t understand how Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr were able to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure in only 6 weeks after delivery!! That’s very inhumane!! Hahaha..*
Anyway, I believe there are three ways to lose post-baby fat (or any kind of fat)..
1) Exercise
2) Exercise
3) Exercise
Definitely no short cut.. Forget all those slimming tea or drink or pill or whatever. You have to exercise. Period.
And do you know when you reach 30 years old, your metabolism rate reduces by 1% every year?!!
*insert loud cry here*
Here I want to show what motivates me..
I know finding time to exercise is… not easy. With work and house chores and spending quality time with family.. Exercising sometimes doesn’t really get the utmost priority. It always at the bottom of “to-do” list.. and somewhere in the middle of “to-do tomorrow” list. Haha…
I found this iPhone app (yes, whatever works!!) called “Argus”
Here is the screen shot of my day, March 17. This app is amazing.. It can track your steps, like pedometer. It can also document your activities like playing badminton, tennis, cycling, basketball, treadmill and yada yada yada.. you get me, right? It calculates based on the average calories burned during certain activity..
 And it also has reminder of your things that you do everyday that is important to your health like amount of “cup of coffee”, “glass of water”, your weight and lalala..
You really gotta check this out. It’s good to at least achieved 8000 steps of walking everyday. And the most important thing, it is free for iPhone user. Not sure about Android though..
Keeping fit is really important. Even you can’t make it to the gym everyday, knowing that you’ve walked at least 8000 steps everyday helps to keep yourself fit and healthy.
If I have extra time, I make sure I go to the gym. Cardio and resistance workout is important in losing weight and building muscles. If I don’t have enough time to go to my power plate training at BodyTone, I’ll still make time to do some work out at my apartment’s gym. 30 to 45 minutes exercise is good enough to make me drench in sweat.
For cardio training, running on the treadmill is my favourite (no not really, I’m just faking it! Haha..)
I usually do this 20 to 30 mins per session.. Now my aim is to run 3km in 30 minutes non-stop. I’m not there yet. A bit slow but surely, insyaAllah.. Hahaha.. By the way, my husband told me, his training in Russia before requires them to run 3km in 11 minutes. Homaigawdd.. that must be like Rocky style.. (you know, Rocky the boxer!!)
I use this iPhone app (again!!) called C25K (i think it stands for Coach to 5K) which trains you (or me in this case) to be able to run 5K in certain amount of time..
Here’s the screenshot of the app. It makes you jog and walk alternately until you are able to run 5km non-stop.
For me all these app helps to guide and push me to do better every time. The running time is longer every next session and the walking time is shorter..
Weight training / resistance is important in building muscles. No, my aim is not to have bulky muscles, I just want a lean muscles. But why having muscle is important?
That is because, muscle works like the engine to our body. The bigger your muscle is, the higher your metabolic rate.. that means more calories your body will burn. Get it? Thats why having muscle is important..
I’m really not good in just carrying weight. It’s so boring and torturing for me. I like to combine weight / resistance training with cardio, also called total body workout. When I’m on my own, I love to follow the instructor video from YouTube. Yes, hahah.. Everything is available on YouTube nowadays..
My favourite training series are “Catching Fire 30 Days Challenge”
It’s only a 12 minutes exercise but it will be an intense 12 minutes training if follow the workout properly (and that means no cheating!! Haha..)
Go figure..
And last but not least, healthy diet!! As what they say… Abs is 30% made at the gym and 70% in the kitchen..
Or the other way round.. Can’t remember.. Whatever it is.. that saying means diet is as important as exercising..
Try to reduce on white rice / white bread cause the carbs in it are the killers. Take lots and lots of green vegetables, fruits and lean meat for protein supplement.
And for me personally, support from your loved ones and friends are equally important as the exercise and dieting itself. I’m lucky to have healthy conscious people with me all the time. Someone to tell me to stop munching on junk food (it’s the hormones ok!).. to compete with me on Argus (the app, remember?).. who has the higher step count, burned more calories.. It’s all becomes a competition now!! Haha..
Trust me, exercise is addictive, once you’ve started.. You’ll really enjoy it because exercise releases endorphins and that is actually a hormones that makes you happy.
“Exercise releases endorphin. Endorphin make you happy. So, happy people doesn’t kill their husband”
- Elle Woods, Legally Blonde-
So, ladies, get your cute butt to the gym or park or anywhere and releases your endorphin.
Stay healthy and keep fit.
And have a happy day ahead :)

My Favourite Online Tudung Shop

I have received many questions regarding all my scarves and shawls that I wore.. Where did I got it..
I always bought my tudung stuffs from the same shop. Somehow I always buy from them because they have good quality tudung, shawls and inner tudung with awning with good reasonable price.

This is not a sponsored post. I sincerely like stuffs from this online boutique and whenever I have time, I’ll drop by at their place in Shah Alam.

Today I received my order from them.. all colours for inner tudung with awning.. Hahaha.. And that is about 24 of it!! :D

Puas hati!!

You can check out their online boutique at www.sugarscarf.com or their FB page.

Have fun shopping!!

Keep Moving..!

Yes, that is true!!

Keep on moving!!

That’s why today, when I got some me-time in the washroom..

I showered, did some online shopping (I bought a handbag!!) and paid my bills from my iPad in the washroom!

Keep moving, people!!

Keep moving..



Out & About!!

Today I’m back behind the steering wheel!! Hehe..

It feels sooo liberating to be able to drive back my car.. Suddenly I missed traffic jams! :D

I really cannot follow the traditional pantang style. Cant go out for 40 days? How can a woman these days not go out for 40 days? What do you do at home?

I tried bengkung.. I walked like  a geisha with that thing on. Of course it’s good because it helps to hold the shape of your body from the tummy down to your hips. But it is so hard for me to bend and pick up my baby!! Remember, I’m a mother of two now (yay!!) and I need to be able to function as a mother.. So, I lasted only for a day with my bengkung.. Haha..

I then substitute my bengkung with a bodyshaper… much much better, I can walk and do daily work like a normal human beings. So practical!

During pregnancy, hormones like the progestrogens and oestrogens did effect our musculoskeletal system, mainly our abdomen due to the uterus expansion and the abdominal wall muscles, its called diastasis recti. The hormones also soften the connective tissue. Expanded uterus cause the abdominal muscle to separate and that one contributes to our back pain, even during post delivery. Thats why wearing a post-partum girdle will help with this problem. We need to support our spine for it to go back into its original posture.

One more thing that a post-delivery mother always forget to do is the pelvic floor exercise also known as Kegel’s exercise. Why we need to do this? Again, it is due to the hormones cause the ligaments to stretch (otherwise, how can a baby pass through the birth canal??) and loosen the pelvic floor. This problem will effect as many as about 60-70% of mothers post delivery. You will notice that you suffer from incontinence when coughing, sneezing, or laughing after giving birth. So, how do you do pelvic floor exercise? Haha.. it’s your job to find out about it!!

Back to my pantang story, as for now, I still don’t carry heavy thing due to all this loosen ligaments, thanks to my husband who helps me a lot with Bella and all other heavy stuffs. I still keep my socks on. I’m still on this pantang diet..

OK, I took a sip of coke from my husband’s glass the other day ;) But I can’t follow the strict no excessive fluid intake. I need to produce milk!! How larr??

I drink a lot of Horlick and Milo.. and not forgetting the hot ginger drink..

I’m already missing my high heels.. Cant wait to hit the gym soon!! X

Another Lady in the House!!

My little Bella has shown her interest in beautifying herself!! ;) We got this picture earlier on during our trip to Krabi/Phuket.

Somehow she managed to climb and reach the dressing table and play with my… urmmm… “first aid kit”!! ;)

She pretended like she was putting on the moisturizer, played with the compact powder and then she found my mascara tube. Trying to figure out what to do with this thing..


“I’ve seen mommy did this before.. maybe I should do this too…” Probably that’s what she said..


Me and my husband had a good laugh looking at her (Of course not in front of her!)

Daddy: She’s becoming like you!

Mommy: Yeah! Yeah! I trained her well!! -__-

Guilty Mommy

I went for ultrasound scan for my second baby last week, and to my shock,he/she is underweight and looks small for his/her age. At 33 weeks, the parameters are only at par with a 29 week size baby!! Oh my God!! Have I been a bad mommy?? I know it’s not the end of the world but I guess there are few factors that I would like to share with all of you mommies out there..

Up until now, I’m still breastfeeding Lil B, not regularly but usually at night before she goes to sleep. The nutrition that should go to the new baby might have been taken by the breast milk… Well, I just can’t say “No” when Bella said she wanted “shushu”. She did it with the cutest face ever!!

Besides, I’m not eating very well during this pregnancy, that’s the different between this current and previous pregnancy. I just don’t have that much appetite like before. I just eat for the sake of eating.. Alhamdullilah there was no vomiting or feeling nauseous but my appetite is just so-so. Besides, taking care of a toddler and carrying a baby at the same time is really no joke. Work is as demanding as ever. We moved house, packing and unpacking.. A lot of crazy stuff is going on during this current pregnancy. There was just not enough time to lie down and put my feet up. Husband has been a great partner. He helped me in every way he can but I guess progestrogen really effects your body more as you get older.. It makes you tired and sleepy, it retains water, makes you forget things, stretches your ligaments (OMG!! Thats the worst!! Sometimes I feel like I left my pinggang on the chair when I tried to get up!! Hahahha… Husband comes handy around this time to pull you up without complaining I’m too heavy!! Haha..) My weight gain is good coz my body retains water easily (thanks to progestrogen!! I’m like a sponge retaining water!!) but baby’s weight gain is a little lagging..

My point is.. (not to blame anything here!) I missed taking my multivitamins!! *insert regret face here!*

Don’t get me wrong, I love this hectic life.. I just hate the progestrogen!! Hahah..

From now on, I have to force myself to eat and takes my multivits regularly..

To expecting mommies out there.. do NOT take things for granted. Take your nutritious food regularly, multivitamins. Just do it for your unborn child. No excuse!!’

P/S: Pic credit goes to Hasninuraini Hasan who we met at Pavilion wandering around with her canggih camera. Thank you!!