A Good Reminder!

Parenting 101

“The one who is shouting the loudest probably needs you the most, unless the other one is suspiciously silent. The child who is suspiciously silent is probably the one making the most mess!”

Found this quote online, definitely have to share with all of you. This is soon true.. especially the suspiciously-silent-child part. I learned my lessons! ;)


The Bags Under My Eyes..

Yesterday, my hubsy put up a picture of me and B together at my friend’s wedding on his FB page..

And I can’t help but notice some of the comments were about my eye bags… Hahaha.. Yes, I don’t get enough sleep. Not many of us have the privilege to sleep 8 hours everyday. In my case, 4 hours uninterrupted sleep is considered luxury! Haha..

So, whoever is able to sleep for 8 hours everyday, enjoy! Whoever doesn’t… Haha.. Nasib lah! ;)

As far as I’m concerned..

*nak sedapkan hati*


Marriage: A Good Advice

Last October 10th was our 3rd year wedding anniversary.
It still feels like yesterday when we just got married. I don’t know what happened, and suddenly we have these two kids running in the house!! Haha..
Good time really flies…
Personally, I love to read books or article about marriage. I would love to know how happy couple stays happy together. And recently, a good friend of mine sent me this good piece of advice.. and I want to share this with all of you. To me, this piece is beautifully written with heart filled with pure love and faith..
Marriage is a school where you get the certificate before you start. 
A school where you will never graduate. 
A school without a break or a free period. 
A school where no one is allowed to drop out. 
A school which you will have to attend every day of your life. 
A school where there is no sick leave or holidays. 
A school founded by the Almighty:
1. On the foundation of love, 
2. The walls made of trust,
3. The door made of acceptance, 
4. The windows made of understanding. 
5. The furniture made of blessings. 
6. The roof made of faith. 
Before you forget, you are just a student not the principal. The Almighty is the principal.
Even at times of a storm, don’t be unwise and run outside.
Remember this school is the safest place to be. 
Never go to sleep before completing your assignments for the day. 
Never forget the C-word, communicate, communicate, communicate with your classmate and with the Principal.
If you find something in your classmate (spouse) that you do not appreciate, remember your classmate is also just a student not a graduate. The Almighty is not finished with him/her yet, so take it as a challenge and work on it together. 
Do not forget to study, study, study the Noble Book (the main textbook in this school). 
Start each day with a sacred assembly and end it the same way.
Sometimes you will feel like not attending class, yet you have to.
When tempted to quit find the courage and continue. 
Some tests and exams may be tough but remember the Principal knows how much you can bear. 
Still, it is one of the best schools on earth; joy, peace and happiness accompany each lesson of the day. 
Different subjects are offered in this school, yet love is the major subject. 
After all the years of being theoretical about it, now you have a chance to practice it. 
To be loved is a good thing, but to love is the greatest privilege of them all. 
Marriage is a place of love, so love your spouse but remember: “This class doesn’t involve a person who is not permitted into it”! If you invite your mother or father or your friends to this class,   or anyone who is not allowed to be there, you will fail the exam. 
It is you who should attend and it is you who will pass. 
Its your choice today:” build it or break it”. 
May the Almighty bless us all. Aameen..
P/S: Pic was taken during our recent family photoshoot for Keluarga magazine, December Issue 2013. Credit to Miss Wany Idris.

A Little Thank You

I want to thank all of you for your kind messages and well wishes I get from this blog, to my email,  Twitter, Facebook and even Keek after our Romantika episodes last night. I’m sorry I can’t reply to each and everyone of you. Thank you again for your love and support. 

We love you too!!


33 Years

Today, April 5, 2013 marked the 33rd year my parents were married. And yesterday was my mom’s birthday and this year is extra special. After more than 30 years of teaching, now she’s no more going to school!! (She’s a teacher, y’all) She’s officially a pensioner!! My dad is really happy he finally has my mom staying at home with him. I can see it from his eyes that he is genuinely happy about it. “Abah dah suruh maa berenti kerja laamer dah, finally pencen pun..” he told me yesterday.

I’m just plain happy for both of them.

Marriage is a lot of work..

Wedding is fun, honeymoon phase is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. but marriage is really a lot of work! You’re juggling your work, daily house chores, children and husband every single day. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re killing yourself slowly inside because you barely have time for yourself.

Whenever I see an old couple walking together holding hands, I really envy them. I want be like them. Even after soooo long, it’s still the same person they are walking with, same hand they are holding and they never get tired. Isn’t that sweet?

To me, marriage is about two people committed themselves to each other, sharing the same desire to spend their lifetime together, and willingness to be there for one another. In Al-Quran, it’s clearly stated “They are clothing for you and you’re clothing for them..” (Al-Baqarah, verse 187). Like our clothing that covers and protect our body, couples defend each other’s honour. They protect and enhance each other’s beauty while shielding that which must be hidden, according to Allah’s rules.

To maa and abah, Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary. May Allah granted Jannah to both of you. Thank you for being there for each other. Thank you for giving us, the children a good example of what marriage is all about. We love you both!


Life as a Medical Student..

This one goes out to the students out there.. especially medical students!! ;)

My advice is.. live life to the fullest… but you must know your responsibilities and limitations!!

I’m not the brightest.. or the most genius.. But my girlfriends and I.. we had fun!

These are my girls.. L-R: B’s mommy (that’s me!), Dr Reyhana (now mother of cute little Ezra) and Dr Elly (mother of two handsome prince, Ferhzan & Ferhanz)

Back then, we struggled thinking we have to be the best student to be a doctor.. but looking back, what really takes to be a good doctor besides knowledge is the attitude. Attitude plays a huge role.. You can be the best student in your class but without the right attitude and caring heart towards your patients.. You’re just another doctor.

So kids, have the right attitude, make sure you really want to help others, otherwise life as a doctor is not gonna be easy..because all your life is about helping others.. My husband always reminded me when I was a houseman (he was only my boyfriend at that time…) “These people, it’s not their choice to be sick.. but you chose to be a doctor. Treat them nicely…”

Yeah.. life as a houseman is another chapter in my life, it’s really tiring. If I’m not oncall, I would be in the hospital from 7am to 10pm everyday.. yes, everyday. If I’m oncall, 24 hours I’m stuck behind the hospital walls.. Not easy but do-able. I didn’t complain much coz I barely had time to complain. Hahaha..

Thanks to the people who were always with me behind those time..

Lesson Learned in 2011

In just a few hours, we will say goodbye to 2011 and hello 2012!! Yup, just a few hours time.. time really flies now days, right?? 2011 is a big year for me, many things have happened and I have learned a few things about myself, life and people around me..

Lesson #1 : Now I do understand the meaning of unconditional love.. and that is a mother’s love to her child. I’m not really sure about father though.. hahahha.. but I guess it is almost the same (yup, almost but NOT same!!) *wink* I, myself amazed how much I could love her!! (and how much space she took in our house despite her size so little.. hahaha)

Lesson #2 : First year of marriage is tough!! People called it the adjustment year.. but love conquers all. Maturity counts! I would never be like this when I am much younger I guess.. (I am very hard-headed.. trust me!) Heheheh.. I am glad I got married at quite a stable age. I’m more stable emotionally and financially but the downturn is my egg count is running low too!! Hahaha.. Must work hard to achieve my husband’s target of 10 children!! See.. Bella is supporting her parents.. she wants more adik already.. kaki dah masuk mulut dah ;)

Lesson #3 : If either one of you wins in an argument between each other, it’s a losing battle for your marriage.

Lesson #4 : Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW: “Sekiranya aku boleh menyuruh seseorang sujud kepada seseorang manusia, nescaya aku akan suruh perempuan sujud kepada suaminya.” (Di riwayatkan oleh A.Hurairah) . Amazing isn’t it.. I have no comment, just memorize the hadith, ladies!

In general.. year 2011 has been a kind to me. Alhamdullillah. Owh, and not forgotten my little hijrah!! I want to strive to a be a better muslimah in 2012. I wanna be a better person, wife, mommy, doctor in whatever way I can.. 

Happy new year from all of us.. (urmm.. no family pic with my selendang coz baru 3 hari blaja pakai :D nie pun Bella looks constipated! LoL..) May 2012 brings the best for all of us!! InsyaAllah..

Love, XO