Is It Time?

OK mommies..
Let’s just straight to the point..
How soon do you wait for no 3?
I’m just curious. I wanted to have as many children as I can.. InsyaAllah but I think Bella and Tasha still needs attention in term of educating and managing them..
Tasha is 15 months now and B is turning 3 years old in 3 months time.
At home, my husband and I managed the girls ourselves even we have a kakak staying with us to help. And these two toddlers are quiet a handful. Bathing, feeding and play time really taking a lot of time. Night time is spent playing with them.. building blocks, pretend cooking, flash cards, play doctor and watching Doc McStuffin (hahah.. must teach them early!!) I haven’t watch Glee for soooo long! Hahaha.. American Idol? Forget it.. too much commitment!!
Imagine when I’m away and my husband doing this on his own..
(God, I’m so thankful for him!!)1-photo 1
This is what happened when I leave them with daddy..
All sorts of adventures.. Hahaha..
And now Tasha is at the stage where she wants to feed herself. The mess after meal is like..
*I have no word for it!*
and I keep telling myself “she’s learning.. let her learn..” over and over again.. Haha..
And if we leave them alone, they will definitely look for us.. There’s no where to hide at home. It’s like they have GPS tracking to look for us!! Trust them to stuff their face behind the glass door until we come and get them..
So, how long do you wait?
What’s your experience with having 3 children (and two hands to hold all three!) Haha..

Self-Love Notes

Few more days before the new year!!
I just love New Year resolution!! There is just something about starting a new year and telling yourself “I’m gonna make this year about bla, bla and bla..” I don’t know how long it will last but at least I have my objectives.. and ALWAYS aim high!! Yes, that’s what I always do.. Aim high! Like an old saying…” Aim for the stars, you might end up with an astronaut!” Haaa.. I just made that up! What I meant is.. aim for the best, if you don’t get it, you know you’ve tried your best..!
Or maybe you can say.. “At least niat tu ada…” Hahaha…
There are few things I need to focus this time.. and the most important thing is to slow down the aging process. Not that I don’t want to grow old.. but I just want to grow old gracefully. I don’t want to look like I’m still 19, I just want to look appropriate for my age. Is it too much to ask for..?
Two of the few things I want to do this year, my skin and fitness level!
Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Always make time to exercise.
That’s my new mantra. Health is wealth (except that you can’t buy handbag with health! Haha..) but seriously, your health is important in long term run.. It helps to prevent you from lifestyle-related disease like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease… (that’s the doctor-side of me!!) If you’re not healthy, how can you take care of others. And the perk of being fit, is that you’ll lose all the baby fat.. hello toned body!! This baby fat that clings to my body is killing me… If I gained 5kg after every delivery, can you imagine me after 10 children?!! Haaaa…
And then, comes the skin care part.. the most common question I get in my email, blog, tweeter. The number one principal of skin care is always prevention is better than cure (well, that is applied to medicine too!) So, it’s always better to do something today than waiting for it to happen.
As you get older, you’ll notice you need more ‘maintenance’ than when you were in your 20′s!! I can get away with just basic stuff like cleanser, moisturiser and sunblock in my 20′s.. But now, I have to add serum, eye cream, skin supplement and God knows what!! Hahaha.. Yes, as much I hate to admit, that is the fact. I need all the help I can get.
My favourite serum is the SKII Treatment Essence aka the Miracle Water.
I have been using it for almost 10 years, I still remember my first bottle of SKII, it was in 2003, I was in my fourth year medical school and my boyfriend-now-husband bought for me!! Hahaha.. I was so into it until now.. And yes, I spent my JPA scholarship on SKII Miracle Water!! :D
Favourite eye cream… Haih.. I’m not really sure about that. I haven’t found anything that I’m really fond of. I notice that the skin around my eyes looks good when I have enough sleep (which is rare!!) I still haven’t found anyone sell “enough-sleep-in-a-bottle” serum yet.. So, right now, the search is still on…
And skin supplement.. Currently I’m taking this Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen which has high content of anti-oxidant and stem cells (I need all the help I can get, remember?)
Yes, anti-oxidant is very important in slowing down aging process, in fact it is very good in preventing cancer. Considering our daily lifestyle is highly exposed to free radicals in the environment, supplement of antioxidant is definitely the answer. You can get yours from here..
Of course there’s also new resolution for my career, mommyhood (that includes reading books for B and T every night when I’m not oncall!!) and being a wife (does a promise not to wear ugly but comfy t-shirt at home considered as a resolution?? Haha..) and probably I should be more consistent in writing in my blog!
OK, enough of my new year resolutions. We have a few more days to go before starting fresh in 2014. I’m soooo in my holiday mood right now. Getting together with family is definitely in my agenda.
Happy holiday to all of you!
May Allah bless us all.. InsyaAllah…

B Having Her Haircut..

Bella having her haircut earlier today at Kool Kutz BV II.

She really needs a lot of distraction..

Pantang Day 45!!

Acah jer, I only pantang until 44 days!! No day 45!

So, today I’m officially free!!

Guess what I did today?

Running on the treadmill :)

I have to do this.. I can’t be gaining 5 kg for every child I gave birth to!! Kalu anak 10, nak add lagi 50kg ke?? -.-Besides, fitness is definitely an issue. It was quite tiring during my second pregnancy as compared to the first one. I definitely have to work on that.

Dieting is not an option because I’m still breastfeeding. Tasha needs her nutrients. So, compromising her meal is a big N.O. I don’t believe in those commercial supplements that claims you can lose weight. Most probably you’re just losing water. Besides, again I’m breastfeeding, no funny drugs should go into my body. The only option that I have is exercise!! And liposuction!! ;) But I’m scared of any surgical procedure..

So, back to square one.. Exercise!! Dgn hati yg cekal (dan berat and malas!!) I forced myself to run today.. it has been a while since I last run.. Lucky I still remember what button to press on the treadmill :D

I run for 2.87km in 25minutes today!! Yay!

(Somehow I just couldn’t finish until 3km, already half dead by that time)

I cheated a bit. I didn’t run the whole 25minutes, I slowdown on running quite a few times.. or shall I call it “power walk” ;)

So, wish me luck mommies.

Who wants to be my trainer? But you must train with me ok!!

Love, X

No Time

Now I know what “no time” means!!

It simply means N.O.  T.I.M.E!!

When there was only Bella, it is quite easy to juggle things. I was still able to finish my work, house chores, having some me-time, shopping time, some readings..

But when I have an infant and a toddler at home, I just don’t have time!!


I’ve been trying to adjust Tasha’s bedtime so she knows to sleep mostly at night and be awake during daytime.

We managed to do that for Bella. How did we do that? We exposed B a lot to sunlight during daytime because it helps to regulate her sleep cycle.Bright light means awake, dark means sleep. And we woke her up every morning at 7am without fail to make sure she follows her sleep and milk routine cycle.

B is already sleeping throughout the night once she reached 3 weeks old.

But different with Tasha, maybe because she was born borderline premature at 36 weeks, maybe.. I’m not sure.. her sleeping pattern is still haywire.

Tasha needs her sleep so much so that she can grow bigger. Why? Because growth hormone is release in our body while we sleep!!

But when she wakes up fresh at night.. then she cries, she wakes Bella up too!!

And the cycle never ends!

What do a sleepy mommy do?

Breathe. And be a mommy. Continue breathing.

It is not easy to synchronize these two girls sleeping pattern. When one is awake, one is asleep. Or it’s the other way round.

My mom told me to get some sleep everytime my baby is sleeping. But they take turns to sleep!!


So, that’s my definition of N.O. T.I.M.E!!

B’s First Few Steps..

Dear blog readers,

Bella now is able to balance herself one or two steps forward *proud mommy* It is such a joy to see her learn to walk.. She fell down many times but that’s okay. It’s part of the learning process. She’ll learn to get up and try again :)

That’s B with her ‘gu’.. Yeah, ball is ‘gu’.. Hahahha.. We are learning her language as well ;)

B hates the grass. Probably it’s too prickly for her.. She will struggle to get up again and start to nag each time she fell down.. Hahaha..

Then she’ll get up again..

Trying to balance herself.. (and NOT touching the grass!!)


Unfortunately the gravity wins!! She didn’t move at all while lying on the grass.. before started screaming!! Hehehe..

Yeah, we had fun!!

Invasion of Little B!!

Bella was unwell for the past few days.. she had blocked nose and cough.. Not too serious, now she’s getting better.. Alhamdullillah..

During her unwell period, she slept with us because she keeps waking up in the middle of the night and we couldn’t cope with the amount of traveling from our room to her room (macam lar jauh sgt..) in the middle of the night.. So, we just let her sleep in our bed..

Unfortunately, up until now, she loves our bed so much. Haih… Every time we put her back in her baby cot, she wakes up and cries.

*insert mommy’s cry here*

We don’t know what to do… Hahaha.. this is like a new challenge for us to put her back to sleep in her bed..

Look how much she loves our bed.. sampai tertonggeng2 tido…

Wish us luck!!!