B is 3!!

bella is three today.. Alhamdulillah..

Mommy loves you, Sayang..


Tasha Is 1!!


Time really flies. Tasha is one year old today..

MasyaAllah, God gave us this cheerful, bubbly little girl to our family. I have no words to describe my feelings towards this little angel. When we first had Bella, I thought I have given my all to her. All my love that I have inside me, all for Bella. Before Tasha was born, I was worried I could not give Tasha as much love as I had for Bella.. simply because I have given all to B!! To my surprise, I was wrong.. the love just grow and grow and grow.. and I equally love these two girls so much, not even an ounce less between these two.


I guess that what mommies do, right?

To love..

Happy birthday Tasha!!

I love you more than you ever know..


The Best Birthday Gift!!

This is the best birthday gift ever!

I asked B to sing for me again Β and again and again until she got fed up and changed from “mommy” to her name.. Hahaha..

I’m so blessed. Alhamdulillah..


Come & Meet Us!!

Hi Barely Supermommy readers!!

I wanna personally invite you to this Wyeth event in Alamanda Putrajaya on the August 31, 2013, this coming Saturday. There will be a lot of activities for your children like colouring contest, rocket making contest, face painting and a lot more. Healthy check up will be provided from Hospital An-Nur for free!!

This is one of the doctor from Hospital An-Nur, she’s gonna be there too!! Hehe..

There will also be a session with Malaysia’s first astronaut.. errrr, that’s my husband!! :D Wanna hear space stories? Come and meet him!!

Owh.. and guess what??! Bella and Tasha will be there too!! And of course, mommy has to come along to change diaper, make susu (susu S26 by Wyeth, of course!!), feed and jaga them.. Haha..

We will be there from 2 until 4pm. If you’re around, drop by to Alamanda in Putrajaya! We are gonna have a super fun day!!

See you there!! ;)


A Little Thank You

I want to thank all of you for your kind messages and well wishes I get from this blog, to my email, Β Twitter, Facebook and even Keek after our Romantika episodes last night. I’m sorry I can’t reply to each and everyone of you. Thank you again for your love and support.Β 

We love you too!!


Introducing.. Sophea Natasha

Dear Barely Supermommy readers..

I would like to introduce to you, our latest addition in the family,

Sophea Natasha bt Sheikh Muszaphar.

We had a photoshoot session earlier today at our home done by Azmir Khalid. He does a lot of photoshoot for infant and babies.

He took beautiful pictures of Bella when Bella was a newborn.

And now it’s Tasha’s turn :)

Our first family photo :)

Glad to share with all of you!!

Much love.. X

My Labour Story..

Alhamdullillah.. I’ve safely delivered a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like her father on Jan 19, 2013 at 1953H :) Well, it wasn’t like a typical movie type story where my waterbag broke while I was shopping (eventhough I kinda hope it would turn out that way!! Hahah..)

It was actually an induced-labour. My ObGyn had to induced me because my blood pressure is high and my amniotic fluid is getting less which is not a good sign. So, I was given 2 options.. #1: straight for LSCS operation (Lower Segment Caeserian Section) OR #2: trial of vaginal delivery with close-fetal monitoring..

I have set my mind to go for vaginal delivery because it’s easier taking care of vaginal delivery wound rather than operation wound. Pain is much much more managable post vaginal delivery. (Paracetamol is enough, not need high tech medications..!!) and as much as possible, I don’t wanna have any surgery that will prevent me from having 10 kids!! AHhaha.. Yes, if you had previous LSCS, maximum amount of pregnancy you can do is only about 3 to 4 because of the risk having uterine rupture and many other health issues.

So, vaginal delivery it is.. I prayed to God for safety of the baby and myself during delivery. Only God knows whats best for me..

After being reviewed by my ObGyn, I got a green light saying I can proceed with vaginal delivery.. At around 11am, that Saturday morning, I was started on oxytocin, a medication that is given thru the intravenous drip to stimulate my uterus to contract. Every 30 minutes, the dosage of oxytocin will be increased until I have a regular contraction.

Slowly the contraction started and the pain builds up. No it wasn’t a waterbirth this time because of my high blood pressure. My BP needs to be monitored regularly and my baby also needs a regular monitoring. Pain was getting more intense over time. I was on Entonox gas as my pain killer.. It’s actually a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide and O2. And I can feel myself getting dizzy and lightheaded, but not for long. When the cervix opening was 7cm, I just don’t think the Entonox works anymore.. and I requested for some pain killer injections. Got it..! But somehow, the labour pain is much much stronger that the effect of the painkiller!! Hahaha… All I can do is just doa and bear the pain.. And my husband was in the labour room next to me all the time!! I guess he was my painkiller!!

Around maghrib time, I feel like pushing, I know her head is down there!! My husband went for maghrib prayer for a while.. The labour room staff nurse checked on me and told me, “Hmmm.. dah boleh push dah ni doctor, tp Prof (my ObGyn) dgn husband doctor gie sembahyang.. Tunggu kejap boleh?” and I was like… “WHAT????!!!” Hahhaha.. that’s the worst thing you can tell a woman in labour ok!!

After about 10 minutes of waiting.. huh!! Both of them arrived from surau hospital. My ObGyn gown up.. Hubby is back next to me.. and my ObGyn told me push.. After 2 pushes, alhamdullilah my baby is out! (Or was it three times? Can’t remember!!) She cried.. I, urrmm.. didn’t cry but feels sooooo relieved because she’s alright! Alhamdullillah :)