What Type of Mommy Are You?

April is almost over.. thank you God!! It has been a busy month for me.. In my department, we either work in the operation theatre (OT) or the intensive care unit (ICU). Im in ICU for this April.. and working in ICU is known to be demanding in terms of working hours and energy spent! Hahaha.. really exhausting but if you asked me.. between OT and ICU, to be honest, I prefer to be in ICU! Don’t ask me why.. It’s just something I enjoy to do despite the heavy workload. It’s like a love-hate relationship I have between me and the ICU.. Hahaha..

Today I wanna write about being a mommy.. not about what I went through but what I wanna be in the future..

Will I be a tiger mom? Yes I have read that book.. “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. For those who doesn’t know what tiger mom is, it’s the kind of mother that takes childhood seriously.. Childhood is about work now, play later!! A tiger mom takes her kid’s future seriously and won’t let anything get in the way. Tiger mom is very strict with their children.. and won’t take “I can’t” for an answer..

OR will I be a power mom? This kind of mother is into career success.. She’s the type of person who’s very proud of her career and at the same time wishes she could just chill out with other moms. Trying to find balance in both world..

OR a laid-back mom? This type of mom couldn’t care less about success. She’s all about the path of least resistance. If the children want cake, let them have the cake… Whatever.. As long as everyone is happy..

For me, I wanna find balance between all three. I wanna be a hands-on mommy. A kind of person who does homework with their children, teach them ABC, read them storybooks, read the Quraan. I wanna spend time doing their science project together. Go to their sports day event, music class and swimming lesson. I wanna be a friend to my children. They can talk to me about life, school, fashion, the cute boy at school.. whatever they like..

I don’t think I’ll make the cut to be a tiger mom but I am very discipline person myself.  Therefore, I’m definitely not really a laid-back type of mommy. To me, family comes first. Career is important but nothing beats family.

So what type of mommy are you then?