B’s Fish Meal!!

Hi all! Many have wrote to me that they have tried the chicken recipe and they (and their baby of course!) Love it!! Nom! Nom! Nom! Now I would like to share another recipe from Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Recipes. This time it’s fish meal… Salmon & Broccoli Puree!!

Easy one.. well, actually all her recipes are very easy.. you’ll need salmon, butternut squash and broccoli.. I don’t know what is butternut squash in Malay but it’s actually a kind of pumpkin.. mat salleh version of labu. But you can replace the butternut squash with our normal pumpkin coz it will produce the same sweet taste.. And I strongly suggest not too much of broccoli coz it will give a strong smell your baby might not like.. I’ve tried on B, she likes this with a little less broccoli (but at least there’s some broccoli in it, right?)

First, you heat the olive oil in a pan. Add the butternut squash (or pumpkin), broccoli and salmon. Pour milk.. I used the usual full cream Dutch Lady milk in boxes.. about 150ml. Not too much..

Boil, cover and simmer. That will take about 10-15minutes until the vegetables are soft and salmon is cooked. How do you know your salmon is cooked? It is when it becomes flaky when you try to break it. Then.. finish! Walllaaaaa….

It has the goodness of omega 3 and 6 from the fish.. beta-carotine from the broccoli, vitamin A and E from the pumpkin and calcium from milk. I personally have never tried using my own milk.. so, please don’t ask me that question! Haha..

Transfer all the stuff into your food processor or blender or whatever you call it.. Add in some grated parmesan cheese.. I guess cheddar cheese pun buleh jugak kot.. asalkan cheese! And some lemon juice if you think your baby couldnt take the taste of the salmon.. and blend!

Tadaaaaa.. siap! If you’re wondering how does it taste.. It taste like seafood carbonara spaghetti without the spaghetti ;)

Crawling.. or just part of it.. ;)

Little B is already 8 month old.. Yay!! By this age, she should be learning how to crawl.. that is the normal development milestone for a child..

but for the past one week, she has been crawling backwards..

Hahahha… Yes, that is also part of the forward crawling development..

So, every time she got a chance to move about.. she will be crawling backwards..

Yes, this is where we always found her screaming for help.. Hehehhe..

Little B’s Fav: Chicken & Apple Puree

This is Sophea Isabella’s favourite food so far.. Do you know how I know that ? Easy.. no war involves during meal time. Hahha.. She just simply open her mouth every time I shoved her the spoon.. Hahhaha.. Jamin sedap!!

It’s very easy to do.. Siap in less than 30 mins.. First, you heat oil in the pan.. I use cooking olive oil for B’s food.. It contains necessary omega stuff (and that is omega 3 and 6) for her brain development. Than add the onion chopped apple and carrot.. Fry for about 4-5minutes. Then you add diced chicken, garlic and tomatoes. Fry until the chicken looks sealed. Then add chicken stock and tomato puree.. I suggest not too much of tomato puree because nanti masam sangat.. From my experience, nanti byk pulak poo-poo baby :D Maybe about 1-2 tablespoon should be enough..

Kacau, kacau, kacau and kacau.. bring to the boil and simmer for about 10 minutes until the chicken is cooked and it looks slightly dry like the pic above..

Then I blend the whole thing but since B is reaching 8 month already, I wanna introduce different food texture to her, so I don’t blend it to smooth like a total puree anymore. Now her foods are slightly lumpy so she will learn how to chew. Nom! Nom! Nom!

Memang sedap sbb ada rasa chicken, slightly sweet because of the apple, then ada carrot.. Very nutritious!! Most of B’s food, I still add organic virgin olive oil before I feed her to add more omega stuffs and make her chubby ;)

Life as a Medical Student..

This one goes out to the students out there.. especially medical students!! ;)

My advice is.. live life to the fullest… but you must know your responsibilities and limitations!!

I’m not the brightest.. or the most genius.. But my girlfriends and I.. we had fun!

These are my girls.. L-R: B’s mommy (that’s me!), Dr Reyhana (now mother of cute little Ezra) and Dr Elly (mother of two handsome prince, Ferhzan & Ferhanz)

Back then, we struggled thinking we have to be the best student to be a doctor.. but looking back, what really takes to be a good doctor besides knowledge is the attitude. Attitude plays a huge role.. You can be the best student in your class but without the right attitude and caring heart towards your patients.. You’re just another doctor.

So kids, have the right attitude, make sure you really want to help others, otherwise life as a doctor is not gonna be easy..because all your life is about helping others.. My husband always reminded me when I was a houseman (he was only my boyfriend at that time…) “These people, it’s not their choice to be sick.. but you chose to be a doctor. Treat them nicely…”

Yeah.. life as a houseman is another chapter in my life, it’s really tiring. If I’m not oncall, I would be in the hospital from 7am to 10pm everyday.. yes, everyday. If I’m oncall, 24 hours I’m stuck behind the hospital walls.. Not easy but do-able. I didn’t complain much coz I barely had time to complain. Hahaha..

Thanks to the people who were always with me behind those time..

B’s First Protein Meal..

I know.. I know I’m a little late :D Hhaha.. B is already 7 and a half month and I haven’t introduce protein meal to her.. that means she hasn’t been eating chicken or fish or meat yet.. I just don’t have the time to cook for her.. yang sempat buat only her favourite carrot puree or sweet potato + spinach or sweet potato + broccoli + fresh fruits puree jer.. Those are no brainers cooking.. Hahaha.. I don’t thing it should be called cooking at all :D

I was oncall yesterday, and today is my free day.. Yay!! And that means I have extra time to cook for B (and update blog too!!) Hehehe.. So, I have decided to make B’s first protein meal and update my blog at the same time! Taddaaaaaa…..

This is chicken with sweet potato and apricot!! Sgt yummy!! Rupa agak tak seberapa.. and this is before blending.. I got this recipe from Annabel Karmel’s Cookbook for Baby and Toddler. Well, I just downloaded the iphone apps sebenarnyer, so it wasn’t really a cookbook :D… Yup, totally modern mommy! ;) I’m sure many of you do the same too right, google recipes.. download apps into the phone.. it makes our life a lot easier :D

This meal is packed with carbs from the sweet potatoes, and protein from the chicken and vitamins from the apricot and the tomatoes.. healthy kan!! It’s very easy to do this.. Mula2 tumiskan onion and garlic together with olive oil.. then add chicken in cubes till it looks sealed.. then add sweet potato. Teruskan menumis.. and add chopped dried apricots, masukkan tomato puree and water.. chicken stock kalu ada.. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer until tender.. that is about 15 minutes.. Siap!!

For Bella, I use all organic ingredients. Even the tomato puree I made it on my own.. I just wanna avoid all the additive and salt while I can ;)

Owh.. and don’t forget to blend to puree!!

Then it will look like this.. Yummy!! Trust me!! And this is B rocking her new feeding chair.. Yes, she’s finally having dinner with us!! 

Mommy Likes : Baby Online Shopping Page

Who doesn’t like to shop?? There must be something wrong with you!! Hahahha.. *ooppss.. sorry ;)*

Since Bella arrives, my baby-stuff-shopping addiction is getting worse.. and it has expended to online boutiques and shops.. That is even better cause I can just shop in my pajama while breastfeeding Bella!! ;) Heaven! And in two days time, parcels will arrive in front of my door (and my husband will be wondering..”Aper lagi lar yg bini aku nie beli ni…?”) Hehehhe…

I just wanna share my favourite online baby store with all of you. This is just for sharing purposes, I have no interest or share in these webpages.. It is just one of my many favourite things..

1) http://www.bbluvsme.com

This page has awesomely cute baby outfit. Many from Carters, OshKosh, Zara, Baby GAP with very reasonable price. Every time they update their stock, I’ll go “aaaahhh… chomelnyer!!” then automatically I’ll click “Add To Cart”. Owh.. and  they also have headbands from Sereni&Shentel for babies!! Yay!! Sereni&Shentel is our local brand, based in Sarawak but internationally well-known for their beautifully handmade headband.

Trust me, the quality is superb.. and Bella looks very lady-like in it ;) You can follow bbluvsme on twitter @bbluvsme to get the update on New Arrivals and SALE!!

2) http://www.babygomore.com

This is very very new webpage, recently launch in early March 2012. They have good selection of baby outfits and they will expend more.. This page has a lot of CK baby, Gymboree, Carter’s, Laura Ashley, OshKosh, Ed Hardy.. all at reasonable price. Many of them are not available here in departmental store, so, worth browsing over, mommies!! Follow @babygomore on Twitter to get their updates..

3) http://www.buggybabyboogie.com

This page belongs to Sheahnee Iman Lee, the ntv7 news anchor who is married to Naz, also a TV personality. This page has beautiful baby daily stuff like playpen, diaper clutches, shampoo, milk band and stuffs.. They don’t carry many products but the one they have are very useful..

My milk band..

Bella’s BuggyBabyBoogie playpen when we first bought it, can’t show the latest pic coz it’s always a mess.. Hahaha…

Follow them on Twitter @buggybabyboogie for their updates :)

So, those are my favourite baby stuff webpages that I would like to share with you.. Let me know yours ;)