Me Time

Despite the joy of having Baby B in my life, I don’t deny it is very demanding taking care of a baby. I, in fact, any mother would agree that sometimes we need a little time of our own. At least to have a nice, decent shower without having to rush through it or having a meal and really enjoying the food. Did I mention some time to spend with my BFF?

Initially, I felt guilty for wanting some time of my own. I dedicated 25 hours a day for Bella. Yes, 25 hours!! Until one day, my husband told me to slow down. He worried I might burn out by doing so.. He was the one who asked me to go out with my friends and leave Bella with him.. Well, at the same time, he wants to spend some daddy-daughter time with Bella. He tries to bring Bella out without me (without me!! OMG!!) at least 1 hour every day to give me a break and for him to bond with Bella. He doesn’t want Bella to be too clingy to me.. Come to think of it, maybe he doesn’t want me to be too clingy to Bella ;) Hehehhe..

Anyway, now I realized it is not wrong to do that. We, mommies are only human. We make mistakes.. we need a break too sometimes. I notice after getting enough rest, I am able to take better care of Bella because I don’t fall asleep while feeding her (yes, it happens sometimes!!) and I am able to keep my sanity intact. I still have time for my friends, family, facebook and now, this blog :)

So, mommies, take good care of yourself because you are the one who is taking care of the rest of your family.. Owh, the picture shown was Bella ‘holding’ daddy’s Favourite Idol award the he won during TV3 Kids Award last Sunday..

Cheers X