Pregnancy Weight Gain

This is definitely a sensitive issue!! :D Pompuan maner yg tak marah kalu cakap diorg gemuk (walaupun diorg mmg tak kurus!!) I’m one of them :p A lot of people asked me how much weight did I gain during pregnancy.. My answer is “Banyak giler” ;)  I just can’t resist food at that time. Pantang tengok.. Mesti nak. I didn’t eat much junk food, just our usual food everyday but in huge amount!! No craving at all but sajer nak makan :D And my husband was really supportive of me eating.. He said it’s all for the baby, makan lagi.. makan lagi.. Hahahha… Happy lar saya!! As a doctor, I know eating for two doesnt mean we double up our normal diet.. but I was just constantly hungry. That is because during pregnancy, our metabolism rate increases. That’s why I eat a lot!! It’s not my fault. It’s the pregnancy!! Surprisingly, after the delivery, I lost the urge to continuously gobble on foods ;) Ok, you still want numbers? Yes, I gain 28kg carrying Baby B!! Hahahha.. That is mad isn’t it!! Banyak tuh.. my bestfriend, Dr Reyhana who was also pregnant only gain probably about 15kg!! That is only half of mine. BTW, Dr Reyhana gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy, Ezra one day before I gave birth to Bella. Talking about best friend forever, huh?? ;) Next famous question I always get is.. ” Have you lost your weight after giving birth?” The answer is, “Not all” Hahahah.. I have a few more kilos of saturated fat to go ;) Gosh.. those are the most difficult ones.. Trying my best to control my diet and spare some time to exercise. Please God, let me lose this weight… Amin!! :D