My First Time Here..

Hi blog..
This is my first time writing here. First, before I proceed with more stories or mishaps or whatever things going on around me.. I would like to tell you a few things about me..
#1 I am a left-brain person. Meaning, I deal with math, logical thinking, facts and rules better than my right-brain functions. I am not a philosophical, imaginative person. Typical doctor trait. Give me math problems.. done! Ask me to draw.. gone case! Haha..
#2 Well, for the next few months I will be a full-time mommy.. but by end of this year, I should be going back to work. Life will be chaotic.. Work alone is madness, and now comes Baby B.. taddaaaaa.. Live life to the fullest ;)
#3 I’m only human.. we make mistakes and learn from it!
#4 My favourite colour is hot pink!! Feminine, solid yet attractive ;) But anything bright and bold will do, actually..
#5 I eat a lot. Sometimes more than my husband :D I just love food..
#6 I want more babies *wink wink*
#7 Being a doctor is cool but being a mom is AWESOME!!
Till then.. X